My dads who's manager??

Brooke is just a normal teeneage apart from her dad is a manager, he gets new people every few years, so brooke is pretty used to meeting famous people but what happens when she has to leave the country her friends and her whole life behind...
This is mostly in Brooke's pov


14. But... I thought..

*Harry pov*

She was amazing and a real natural at modelling. I don't know how people have the ability to do it so serious like she did, me and the boys always mess about during are photoshoots. "Harry what if people don't like the photo they put on billboards?" she sounded close to tears "Brooke they will love the photo and all your others, your a natural and beautiful don't think bad, I know I love the pictures" I cheekily smiled. We finally got back to the hotel and up to our room. "BOYS WERE BACK!" I shouted they all ran in bombarding her with questions like "How did it go" and "Can we see the pictures" and other stuff and seen as they were talking I decided to go into our room and change into sweats. I heard the door open and thought nothing off it, "Hey hazza, looking good as always" it was Taylor "Taylor go away I don't want anything to do with you, leave!" I was so angry she had the guts to show her face around us again. "Hazza I still love you so listen im giving us another chance come on now babe I know you feel the same" i laughed and shook my head at her crazy thought "NO! Taylor I don't love you, you cheated now go a-" I was cut off by her lips on mine I tried to stop but some how I couldn't. Untill I heard a gasp I faced the shadow in the door "Hey so I guess your Brooke well stay away from MY boyfriend" Taylor said with an evil smile playing on her lips "Urm I just came to uh never mind" she looked close to tears "Brooke I don't go out with her shes crazy and wont leave me alone believe me" I said trying to convince her. "Harry its fine be with her but... I thought we oh god never mind" and she was now in the bathroom crying.

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