The Girl With The Signature Smile


1. Day ...

As i placed my palms on the lower ridge of her back i could feel her scars. The lines like stars, forming constellations on her soft skin. How someone so sad could be so beautiful, i wondered. How someone so crazy, so fucked up in the head, could have such a loving soul. But i never fell for it once. From the first time i saw her carry those heavy eyes with that weary smile i know how broken she really was. And all she needed was someone to love her. Someone to bring her back to life.


HEY GUYS IM ACTUALLY WRITING SOMETHING OK WOW. so basically i have this idea for a diary sort of thing written in a boys'  POV. basically he writes about this girl who suffers from depression and self harm in short diary entries and yeah they begin to know each other and whatever. this paragraph will obviously be much later on in the entries but it's what i immediately thought of before i came up with the diary idea. so im posting this to show how it will be written i guess and also because i don't want to waste my time writing something if no one will read it so yeah, comment below if you like the sound of this or favourite or whatever so i can see if i should start writing the actual story. 

obviously very inspired by John Green and The Perks of Being a Wallflower ok peace out

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