He's still the one (sequel to I fell for my bully)

3 years ago I fell for Harry Styles at the moment he wasn't famous but now that he's a celebrity with my brother Liam and their best mates Louis,Niall, and Louis.I lost contact with Harry. I had his daughter Darcy Ann Styles. Does he even remember she's here? What will happen when he decides to pop up?


3. Time for explaining

A/N: That's baby Darcy and this chapter is when they're already in their new house

*Kylie's POV*

It's been a night full of tears and emotions.

I'm so nervous to explain this to Darcy.

Speaking of my angel here she comes.

We just got into the new house and Nik and Liam are suppose to  be coming over to keep me some company.

"Mummy where's Kwle?" Darcy asked

Oh no the question I really didn't want to answer.

"Come here baby"  I said patting my lap

She climbed onto my lap

"Kyle won't be over" I said 

"Why not mummy? I want to see daddy Kwle" She said pouting

":Well baby daddy and mummy aren't together"  I replied 

"Why not mummy. Doesn't Kwle wuv you?" She questioned

Oh my poor baby was about to experience heart break at only two.

"We just needed a break honey.So from now on it's just me and you."  I felt the tears coming on

I still loved Kyle and there was NO denying that.

"That means I have no daddy?" She started crying

"No.No.No. Honey you still have a daddy." I said wiping her tears away.

She didn't say anything.

She just jumped off my lap and ran into her room.

I just put my head in my hands.


I opened the door and saw Permilla,Nik, and Liam.

"Hey girly" Pemilla said attacking me with a hug.

"Hi" I said gloomy

"What's the matter sis?" Liam asked

"Darcy's upset"

"Why?" They asked sitting on the couch

"Because Kyle and I broke up and now Darcy feels like she has no dad"

"Are you ever gonna tell Darcy that Harry is her dad?" Nik questioned

I turned around to hear sniffling.

It was Darcy.

"Kwle isn't my daddy?" She sobbed

I'm gonna kill you Nik

"Umm...Umm...-" I was cut off by Permilla saving me

She picked up Darcy and spun her.

"Hi sweetie" She said 

"Hi auntie Perwilla" She said giggling

Thank god she saved me.

I really couldn't explain  that....well not right now.

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