He's still the one (sequel to I fell for my bully)

3 years ago I fell for Harry Styles at the moment he wasn't famous but now that he's a celebrity with my brother Liam and their best mates Louis,Niall, and Louis.I lost contact with Harry. I had his daughter Darcy Ann Styles. Does he even remember she's here? What will happen when he decides to pop up?


1. The wedding

*Bri's POV*


Today is the day I become Brianna Horan.

Of course Darcy is my little flower girl.

Kylie is my maid of honor and Nik is gonna walk me down the aisle since my dad is...I don't know  where he is.

"Zip me up Kylie"I said nicely

She came and zipped up my wedding dress. 

"Thank you" I smiled

"You're welcome...I can't believe this is happening. It's like yesterday we were on the swing sets and now I have a daughter and you're getting married." She said

She was right time had gone by to fast.

"I know right." I replied.

"It's time"  Nik walked in. "ready?"

"I'm ready"  I said looking in the mirror.

Kylie handed me my bouquet .

*   *   *

"You may now kiss your bride"

Niall then kissed me and all I heard was 'aweee' 

"EWW!" Darcy said causing everyone to laugh.

*Harry's POV*

"EWW!" I heard a little girl say.

She looked just like me....Kinda scary. Was it her. Could it be?

*  *  *

(It's after the wedding)

"Kylie?"I questioned causing a really gorgeous girl to turn around

"Yes?" Then she realized it was me before she could do anything I hugged her.

"Hi Harry" She said pulling out of my grip.

"Who's the cutie?" I questioned referring to Darcy

"Harry this is Darcy my daughter" She said .

"Hi there sweetie" I said

"Hi " Darcy said. She looked just like me...

"Mummy when can we go home? I wanna call daddy Kwle" She looked up and Kylie.

She was so beautiful. She looked just like she did three years ago.

She was just gorgeous.

Hearing Darcy call Kyle dad stung.

That was my princess.

I was gonna get Kylie back.

Kyle wasn't gonna get in the way of me getting back my family.



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