He's still the one (sequel to I fell for my bully)

3 years ago I fell for Harry Styles at the moment he wasn't famous but now that he's a celebrity with my brother Liam and their best mates Louis,Niall, and Louis.I lost contact with Harry. I had his daughter Darcy Ann Styles. Does he even remember she's here? What will happen when he decides to pop up?


8. Not a chapter...

              Dear Readers,

Every story has to come to end, Nothing can last forever.

There's no such thing as forever.

I'm done with writing.

I no longer have the passion and starvation for writing.

It's just not what I can do anymore.

My story(ies) will  be getting delete and my account if possible.

I wasn't that great of a writing.

Everything must die at one point.

This story quite frankly has died.

Remember there's always something out there for YOU.

Maybe writing was meant for you.

But, As I it is not my thing.

I'm sorry if I can't please you or if you hate me.

- Dia Taylan ~

~ Everything can be together. Just not forever~



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