He's still the one (sequel to I fell for my bully)

3 years ago I fell for Harry Styles at the moment he wasn't famous but now that he's a celebrity with my brother Liam and their best mates Louis,Niall, and Louis.I lost contact with Harry. I had his daughter Darcy Ann Styles. Does he even remember she's here? What will happen when he decides to pop up?


6. It was all a dream...

*Harry's POV*

My eyes fluttered open.

Zayn,Louis,Liam,and Niall all surrounded me.

Some girl ran out to get a doctor I believe.

Where am I?

"Mate! You're finally awake" Zayn exclaimed

"Where am I?" I asked

"In the hospital" Louis answered

"Why?" I questioned

"You got in a really bad car crash and you've been in a coma for four years" Niall said

I laughed.

"Nice joke guys now where's Kylie and Darcy?" I asked

"Kylie? Your ex who you haven't seen in four years...Who's Darcy?" Liam said

"Darcy is Kylie's and my daughter" I replied

"Mate..You don't have a daughter. Your girlfriend Cara is outside of the room right now" They all said in unison.

"This can't be happening" I groan getting out of bed.

I walked out and caught a cab to my flat ignoring the boys and this so called Cara.

Once I payed the man and got inside I ran upstairs, and started packing some of my stuff. 

It's time to pay Kylie a visit.

Looks like I'm head to Cheshire. 


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