He's still the one (sequel to I fell for my bully)

3 years ago I fell for Harry Styles at the moment he wasn't famous but now that he's a celebrity with my brother Liam and their best mates Louis,Niall, and Louis.I lost contact with Harry. I had his daughter Darcy Ann Styles. Does he even remember she's here? What will happen when he decides to pop up?


7. I'm coming home

*Harry's POV*

Finally. I'm back. Now it's time to pay Kylie a visit.

-Skips car ride so now he's at Kylie's door-

I rung the doorbell and waited for Kylie to answer it.

After about a minute the door opened.

It revealed a gorgeous Kylie.

Her eyes still that gorgeous green.

Her hair still that curly mane.

"....Harry? What are you doing here?" She asked

"Mummy! Mummy! Mummy who's at the door!?" I heard a little girl say.

It had to be Darcy!

"Darcy!" I shouted.

Darcy suddenly appeared at the door.

"Who are you?" She asked while looking up at me.

"Um..Darcy honey. Give mummy a minute" Kylie said

"Okay!" She squealed and ran back inside.

"Why are you Harry?" She questioned me

"I wanted to see me daughter and you. Problem love?" I shot back at her

"Yes problem. We broke up five years ago. Buzz off. Darcy has gone this long without a dad she can go longer" She snapped and shut the door 

My eyes fluttered open.


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