Talking to you

A 17 girl named Natialle is a young self concience singer, who has a big ambition to record her music. One night someone messages Natialle they both soon hit things off and this mystery person has a huge offer for Nataille. Will she ever achieve her dream? and will she find love on the way?


1. The Internet


You hear about these Cinderella stories and fairytales with happy endings but is that always the way. 

Natalie,a 17 year old brunette, tanned teenager from East Sussex, spent most her time studying and working at her step mums curry take away. She also liked talking to new and exciting people on the Internet. It was 10pm on a Friday night and this person popped up on kik messenger he labelled himself HedwardS. 
'Whats up?' 
'The sky' I replied being comical
'Haha good one' 
'Lol how r u' 
'Good thanks just really tired u?'
'Aww bless yeah I'm good thanks'
'Just working on some music stuff u'
'Oh wow brilliant and nothing'
'Do you wanna hear some of my stuff'
'Yeah sure' 
I send him the link. 
About 5 minutes later he replies 'wow your really talented'
'Haha thanks I reply' blushing a little as I type. 'So what do you do with the music?' 
'Well nothing I'm not good enough' 
'What you are really talented as I said!' 
'Hahah aww thanks I just don't have the money to go into a recording studio' 
'Well I know some people I could put in a good word for you' 
'Hahah for real'
'Yeah course' 
'Wow thanks means a lot'
'Your welcome' 
We ended up talking till 1 in the morning about everything and anything. We said our goodbyes and I feel asleep. 

Next morning I woke up it was 6:30 am I laid  in bed for a little while then I grabbed my phone and opened up twitter. The was a massive trend going on which was 'find Harry's new girl'. Every girl who I followed went mental whenever one direction or one of the members tweeted. My whole news feed was filled up with 'Harry I'm you girl'. While I scrolled down the page reading each girls tweet to @harrtstyles. There was a sudden yelp like a angry dog calling out my name. It was my step mum who "kidnapped me" (it's a long story). 

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