Talking to you

A 17 girl named Natialle is a young self concience singer, who has a big ambition to record her music. One night someone messages Natialle they both soon hit things off and this mystery person has a huge offer for Nataille. Will she ever achieve her dream? and will she find love on the way?


2. Normal Life

Nothing seemed to go right for me, my life was bore I was working for my step mum who treats me like her our personal assistant. I had nothing going for me except music. That's what made the days bearable. And this guy on kik. We had been talking for a couple of months now he seemed really sweet and said that my music, and voice was amazing. Which obviously made me feel really good, but it all seemed to good to be true. I didn't know this guys true identity and hadn't seen a picture of him so how did I know he was real.

It was another normal day and as usual I was the first one up and off to work in the local Starbucks. It wasn't that bad working there the people were actually nice and my best friend worked there, all she did was talk about these guys who were in a band. he was obsessed with this one called harry. Ok not going to lie he was pretty good looking.


We always seemed to get well known people in our Starbucks maybe because it was really local and there weren't many people around in the mornings. Anyway this guy came in and he looked familiar. I was on the till today, and it was quite and it was a Sunday so the rest of the staff weren't in. "Hiya, would can I get you?"

"Hi, can I just have an espresso please"

"sure, would you like anything else?"

"no that's fine thanks"

We both smiled at each other, he was really good looking. The radio played softly in the background and the atmosphere was a little awkward. Then just in time my favourite song came on "free falling" by John Mayer. My immediate reaction was to turn it up. I began to sing along then I heard another voice it was the guy I was serving. It was so funny we began to do this little duet together. We both laughed at the end of the song I handed him his coffee and he handed me a note and money of his coffee. I waved goodbye and opened the note. It was a number, obviously his mobile number.



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