Lust -Zayn malik-

This story is about 18 year old Jade.


1. Troublemaker

“What are you going to wear?” asks my best friend Amanda.

“I don’t know yet” I shrug my shoulders.

We’re at my place. My parents are 2 weeks in Spain, so I’m home alone.


After a long argument with Amanda, I finally choose a white shirt, and some black leggings.

I picked some black stilettos as well.

I took on some make up, and turned around to face Amanda.

“Well?” I ask.

“Almost perfect” she says while coming toward me. She opens the top bottoms of my shirt, so that some of my white bra is visible.


She takes a few steps back, and looks me up and down.

“Perfect”. I smile at her.


Amanda end up, in a fancy green skirt, and a shirt like mine just red. Her stilettos are green as her skirt.

She took on a little make up, not much, just a little. Then she brushes her long red hair back in a ponytail.      

“Done” she finally says.
“You look gorgeous” I tell her.
And then we took off to the club.


*** l

The music is so loud, but I love it. Amanda and I make our way to the Bar. I order to drinks.

When I’m at my third drink Amanda, are drunk.

“I want to dance!” she yells.

“Then dance” I yell back.

“C’mon Jade! Go with me”

“No. You know I can’t dance”

“Fine. Then I’ll just ask him” she says pointing at a blond haired boy with brown eyes.

I nod as answer and she walks over to the boy.


I Gasp as I feel a hand lay on my right thigh. I turn to look into some sexy brown eyes.

“Yes?” I ask.

“I’m Zayn. Wanna dance?”

“Jade” I answer avoiding his question.

I can feel his hand slowly start moving up. What the hell?
I push his hand away and he smirks at me.


“Dance with me” he said.

“No thank you”.

“It wasn’t a question” he says.

I look up at his face, and I can see the smirk turn back on his lips. I realize he aren’t looking at my face, he looks at my breasts. That Bastard!  


“Well, maybe when you’re a drunk” he say, turn around and walks away.

Suddenly Amanda is by my side.

“Why were you talking with him? I’ve heard he’s a troublemaker” she whispered in my ear.


I order one more drink, and I can feel the alcohol starts to take over.

I can feel a strong hand grab my wrist, and I’m forced to the dance floor. I look up to see no one but Zayn. He’s a little taller than me. I can feel Zayn spin mw around so I’m facing away from him. One of his arms locked around my waist, making escape impossible. I’m not that drunk, I know what’s going on, and I really don’t like it.

Suddenly I can feel Zany’s other hand rest on my thigh. I gasp as I can feel his hand move up and he slowly touches my crotch.


“Zayn! Stop!” I hissed.

“I don’t think so babe” he says, his mouth at my ear.

I can feel his hand touch the top of my undies and get panicked.

“Don’t be scared babes” Zayn whisper and I can feel him laugh.

“Pleas stop” I beg.

Just get away from me! Bastard!

“Why?” he asks. I can tell he’s turned on. I can feel his boner on my back.

Think Jade, think!


“Not here” I finally manage to say.

He stops touching my undies. Instead he takes my wrist and pulls me toward the exit.

“What are you doing? Where are we going?” I ask, I can’t hide the panic in my voice.

“My place” he says smirking at me. 



Hey! So this is my first movella. I hope you like it. 

Pleas tell me if you like it or if you didn't.  xx


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