Lust -Zayn malik-

This story is about 18 year old Jade.


2. At night

“Let go of me!” I shout.

Zayn just laugh. He opens a car door and push inside to the passenger seat. He walks around and get inside the driver seat.


He turns the motor on and starts diving down the road, fast. I shrink when I can feel his hand squeeze my thigh. I push it away, and that make him laugh.

“Feisty, aren’t we?” he laughs.

I ignore him, and look out the window.


When we finally arrive, the house is big!

I stop moving and just stare shocked at the house. Zayn take my wrist and pull me toward the front door.


Suddenly he pushes me up at the door, and stand in front of me. He lends down to kiss me. He press his lips hard against mine, I gasp at his actions, Zayn take advantage and his tongue made its way into my mouth.

I put both my hands on his chest and push him away from me.

I gasp for every breath and Zayn smirks at me. He unlocks the door and pulls me inside.


He pulls me through the house before I got to look at it.

He opens a door, and wait for me to go in, when I see the bed, I don’t move.

I’m not going to do this.

Zayn see my hesitation and gently push me in.

Zayn lock the door after him.

What the fuck?!

“Are you living here alone?” I ask. I don’t want to turn around and face him, but I can feel he’s starring at me.


“Yes. So we are completely alone” he whispers.

I gulp.

“Now this is going to be fun” he says.

I can hear him take of his shirt, but I’m not moving at all.


I can feel one of his strong arms around my waist.

“You turn me on” he whispers in my ear.

He slowly opens up the buttons in my shirt.

“Stop” I whisper. I’m too afraid to say it louder.

He ignores me and continues till it’s completely open. His left hand takes it of me while his right arm still around my waist.


He start to suck and bite my neck, it hurt a little so I whimper and I can feel him smile against my skin.

He continues.

He’s lips move from my neck to my ear. “Moan for me babe” he whisper.

“In your dreams” I said cold.

But just when the words left my lips a moan followed.

He smiled again. “You were saying?”.


I shot my eyes open. I didn’t even know they were closed.

I won’t let him win!

“Get away from me you bastard!” I start struggling.

“Behave!” he said. His voice calm, but it doesn’t left any doubt.

I ignore his tone and keep on struggling. He pulls me toward his bed and put me on it, so I lie on my back.

He holds both of my wrists, in one of his hands. He sit over me, his eyes looks down my body, and a smirk grow on his face.


Zayn takes of my leggings and throws them at the floor. “Please stop” I beg.

“No” he smiles at me.

 His hand on my thigh starts to move up, till he touch me undies. I hold my breath. He starts to kiss me again, the same way as he did earlier.

I don’t do anything, just lie still.

“Kiss me back” Zayn says while kissing me.

I don’t do anything. Zayn smirk and start to kiss my neck.

Zayn’s hand gets in my undies, and I can feel him, rub my clit with one of his fingers.


“Moan” Zayn demand in a whisper.

I bit my lip hard as I can feel two of his fingers get inside of me.

“C’mon babe. Moan for me” Zayn say again. Zayn’s fingers move in and out and I can feel the pleasure.

I bit my lip harder; I’m not going to moan if he wants me to! No fucking way!


Zayn frown at me.

“Do as I say” he demand.

“No” my voice turned to a whisper again.

Zayn’s fingers add speed, and he smirks at me.

“Moan” he whispers again.


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