11 Painful Things

Chrissy Johnson has experienced pain before. Lots of pain. And it all started with one person. This one person changed her life in good and bad ways. This person made her smile, and cry. This person is named Harry Styles. He came into her life in the most unexpected way, and left just the same. But this isn't your ordinary love story. This is a story about painful love. Love that most people can't stand to be in. But Chrissy isn't like most people.


2. How Things Are

Chapter Two: How Things Are


Chrissy's POV~ 

"STOP!"  I screamed at the top of my lungs.  But that only got me another slap across my face.  His hands held me at arms distance away, and with the free hand he continuted to slap my face. 

"PLEASE STOP HARRY!  I SAID I WAS SORRY!"  I cried, tears coming out of my eye that wasn't swollen shut. 

"For what?"  He asked calmly, taking a break from hitting me.  I took a deep breath.  It's always over the dumbest things.  But I wouldn't tell him that.

"For putting tomatoes in your salad."  I said, shifting my gaze to the floor.  This is what I mean.  It's tomatoes.  Most people would eat around it or pick them out, but not Harry.  He throws a major fit about everything. 

"Why?" He asked a little more gently.

"I forgot you hated them."  I whisper.  It was the truth.  I was so busy after work today that I forgot he hates tomatoes.  But I don't feel the least bit bad.

He stared a me for a moment, then his expression softened.  He gently brought his hand to my face and wiped his thumb gently over the bruising skin on my cheek.  Tears started to well up in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry Chrissy.  I didn't mean to do this to you."  He voice was just a whisper.  This always happens.  He hits me, then crys about, says he's sorry and that he'll get help, and then says he loves me.  He never changes... but I love him.  At first when he hit me... I only pretened to love him.  But then he said he'd change, and I belived him.  I still believe him.  I love him.  I know it's dangerous to love someone like him.  But I do.  I brought back the feelings I tried so hard to forget.

"I know...I'm sorry I messed up your salad."  I say with a slight laugh.  He rolls his eyes and smiles a sad smile at me. 

"I'll get help Chrissy.  I mean it.  I love you so much, and when you hurt the ones you love it hurts you.  Please forgive me.  Even though I don't deserve it."  Harry says with sad eyes.  I know it's wrong but I always forgive him.  I love him.  I can't run away from that.

"I forgive you.  I love you too.  So much."  I say as I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him softly.  These are the moments I love.  The nice Harry.  The best Harry.  And I don't wanna lose him.  No matter how much I need to.


~Hey guys!  Thanks for reading!  This chapter might be bad but I was rushing to finish!  I'll make it up to you next chapter!  I love you guys!  Bye!~

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