11 Painful Things

Chrissy Johnson has experienced pain before. Lots of pain. And it all started with one person. This one person changed her life in good and bad ways. This person made her smile, and cry. This person is named Harry Styles. He came into her life in the most unexpected way, and left just the same. But this isn't your ordinary love story. This is a story about painful love. Love that most people can't stand to be in. But Chrissy isn't like most people.


1. The Meeting(prologe)

Chapter One:

The Meeting

I was running.  I was free.  I...was lost.  I turned around to look at where I ended up, and I was on the side a forest rode.  I had to get away from there.  From home. Nobody cares about me there.  My mom doesn't notice a thing anymore. She sits and stares into space most of the time now.  She's practicaly dead to the world.  When she's not drinking.  And my dad... I don't know where he is anymore.  He left when I was five years old.  He's dead to me.  He left me with her.  Looking around I felt free.  If only I wasn't lost.


I brought some money.  And a suitcase with some of my clothes in it.  Right now I'm just wearing a hoodie and yoga pants with an old pair of sneakers.  My long light brown hair was tied into a bun.  It kept the heat off my neck while I kept walking down this endless rode.  It was mid summer and extemely hot, and walking for at least 3 hours straight with no water isn't the best idea.


After about another hour of walking a car slowly pulled up to my side.  I caught a glimpse out of thw corner of my eye, but kept walking.  The last thing I need was to be kidnapped.  Or worse.  But as I kept walking the car kept following, when I stopped it stopped.  I had to end this.  I turn around to look at the car when a hand clamps over my mouth.  I try to scream, but it's to muffled for anyone to hear.  But there was nobody around anyway. 

"Shush...I'm not going to hurt you.  I'm going to help you."  The voice said.  I stopped screaming and just stood completely still.  The person took their hand off my mouth and spun me around so I was staring at him.  He was beautiful.  His chocolate brown curly hair lightly blowing from the breeze, and those eyes.  Those wonderful, shiny, green eyes.  "What's your name love?"

"Chrissy Johnson... And you are?"  I asked shyly.  He stared at me weirdly for a second and smiled.

"Harry.  Harry Styles."  He replied.  "So what's a beautiful girl like you doing out hear alone?"  He asked.

"Long story.  But that's not important.  Do you know any hotel or anything nearby?  I just need to know how far to walk."  I respond, looking everywhere but into his eyes.

"Theres no hotels close to hear.  I'd say a few hours away at least.  You can come with me to my place, it's only five minutes down the rode.  And on the way we can listen to that long story of yours."  He smiled and took my bags to his car.  I tried to say he didn't have to, but by the time I was going to all my things were already in his car. I got in and thanked him before we drove off in silence to his house. 


Hey guys!  This is my first fanfic so I hope you like it!  If you have anything I need to work on please tell me!  Favorite and read!  Thanks so much!  I love you!:*


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