I should have never loved you Niall Horan

Hi my name is Emily springs my BFF is niall horan yes he's in one direction now but I hate him and that will never Change because two years ago he left me after he promise to keep in touch with me but no he's a BIG FAT STUPID lire he made my cry myself to sleep everyday I wish he was here even though he hurt me I still miss him so much it hurts but little did I know he was here with me and his bandmates what happens when he finds me and takes me away kidnappes me rapes me beat me my nialler Is doing this how could he
What would Emily do when he Go's to far will she forgive him of hate him forever ?
READ to find out


2. This can't be happening



                 I woke up to my alarm clock screaming at I glanced at the clock great its already time to go to school I rolled out of bed and threw on some sweats and a t shirt I didn't feel lik getting dress today I have feeling today something bad going to happen but I don't know what so I just shrugged it off till I got to school 

i didn't beileive my eyes I came face to face with niall my x friend and his band mates I don't if he saw me or not but I ran off crying oh no I heard heavy footsteps behind me before t could look I was be suffocated with a towel then I blacked out 


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