I should have never loved you Niall Horan

Hi my name is Emily springs my BFF is niall horan yes he's in one direction now but I hate him and that will never Change because two years ago he left me after he promise to keep in touch with me but no he's a BIG FAT STUPID lire he made my cry myself to sleep everyday I wish he was here even though he hurt me I still miss him so much it hurts but little did I know he was here with me and his bandmates what happens when he finds me and takes me away kidnappes me rapes me beat me my nialler Is doing this how could he
What would Emily do when he Go's to far will she forgive him of hate him forever ?
READ to find out


1. Promises and crying



                   Hi my name is Emily Springs my best friend was niall until he left and promised me we will stay in touch but no he never called texted mailed me he left my with no goodbyes no hugs I haven't seen him for two years now I had know him from the begging of kindergarten and he decided to hurt me bye leaving me he is all I got my partnes died of a huge car crash we were driving to our house and this truck smashed right into us on the side my mom was on and my dad jumped in front of me to save my life so I wouldn't die at the age of 10 years old I loved them so much all I have lefted of them is a silver heart shaped locket wrapped around my neck I wear it 24/7 I never take it off so let me tell you a bit about my self

well I was born on September 27, 1994 I'm 18 years old I love signing but not in front of people only in front of niall I draw 3D drawings of people I gave tons of drawings to niall I have long shinny brown hair in layers and baby blue eyes similar to Niall's eyes I'm 5"5 I know short whatever I like FOOD music animals little kids and most of all my room it has so many memories of my parents and me together I can't move out of here I have a fear of getting kidnapped heights spiders and snakes eww they gross me out when I was little a long slimy snake was crawling up my leg but niall saved me before it bit me have I told you I bulled and get beatenNiall's not here to protect me like he used to ugg it sounds like I can't live without niall I can't I loved him so much

             * flash back two years ago * 

" niall why do you have to leave me here ?" I cried 

" because I'm leaving for something okay leave it at that " He snapped at me I cried harder " why are you crying em " he asked clearly confused what does he think I am upset at him how could he is he trying to make my cry " BECAUSE YOUR LEAVING ME ALL ALONE WITH NO ONE HERE WITH ME YOU ARE ALL I GOT I WILL GET BEATEN WHEN YOUR NOT HERE NEXT TO ME TO PROTECT ME NIALL AND YOU ASK WHY IM UPSET YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE WHO KEPT ME SMILEING LAUGHING HAPPY LIKE MY PARENTS WERE WITH ME AGAIN UGH HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME LIKE THIS I LOVE YOU NIALL!!! you make me happy " I screamed in his face and ran away crying the hardest I have ever cried I hate him

      * present * 

I am crying now while looking at all the pictures of me and niall together and happy why did he leave me what did I do to him I know I'm ugly fat annoying but he could have just told me he didn't like me anymore instead of breaking my heart I will NEVER forgive him EVER in my life 

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