My Oath to You

this is about 2 best friends who are together 24/7 you can never separate them. What happens if one day can changer their lives forever?


1. Chapter 1 and A/N

                                 'Yo, my best friend, best friend till the very end Cause best friends, best friends don't have to pretend You need a hand, and i'm right there right beside you You in the dark, i'll be the bright light to guide you.'

                                       Haley's POV:

                                                           My name is Haley Myers. I have blonde hair and dip dyed red ends. I have hazel eyes that change colors. My best friend is Shyanna Curless but, I call her Shy. My favorite color is red. I love softball, TOMS, and Vans. I love Horror, Romantic, and Comedy movies.  That's all you need to know about me! WAIT, we are also VERY hyper!!(:


                                        Shy's POV:

                                                           My name is Shyanna Curless but also known as Shy. I have blonde hair and dip dyed purple ends. I have ocean blue eyes that get lighter in the sun. My best friend is Haley Myers but, I call her Hayee, or Hal Hal. My favorite color is purple. I love softball, TOMS, and Vans. I love Comedy movies and hate Horror movies.





                                                   Sorry about the shitty chapter! I need ideas! and CO-authors! please like and comment Ideas for me! I will give you credit for them!!! please help.



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