How I Killed Jack...

I got stabbed on my birthday by a horrible boy named, Jack and died! Somehow, I came back to life and became the greatest person ever! And that's when I killed him! It was sweet payback... but now he will never ever come back to life! EVER!But how did I and, and, how did I kill him?....


1. Thinking and Walking (Preolouge)*1 Month Ago*

  I stepped another step. I was careful not to step on any cracks. I'm not really superstitious, but, my life has not been fine, so, another problem would just make everything worse. But, all my problems started with me, so, I guess, I shouldn't be thinking it was a problem that just, happened, because I was the one who started it all. Maybe, it was really all Jack. I should really find out.

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