high school

Lucy has had enough of Janie being mean to her all of the time so she comes up with a plan to make her jealous

i haven't completed it yet but i am still adding


6. the plan part 1

After school Holly, George and Lucy took the bus home. Many people stared but if anyone from school was there Lucy had to pretend to be by herself. But they then got home so Lucy did George’s homework again and help Holly with her next art assessment. George and Holly had been invited to a really cool party for a girl at the schools birthday so Lucy’s plan was about to start. Taylor was going to be there and Holly knows a lot about make up and hair styles so she agreed to transform Lucy into a pretty girl.

Her first idea:


“NO! I don’t want her to look like a B$£@!.” Said George so Holly tried another look:



“No way, she can’t look too girly or people won’t think she has changed at all” George complained so Holly tried another look:



“Sis, you look HOT! Not in a weird way. But you look amazing!” said George.

“Ahaha. Thanks.” Replied Lucy

“Wow! I think we are going to be best friends and get our revenge on Janie.” Added Holly.

So they went to the party all looking like this:


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