high school

Lucy has had enough of Janie being mean to her all of the time so she comes up with a plan to make her jealous

i haven't completed it yet but i am still adding


7. the party

When they got to the party everyone was just staring at Lucy and whispering things like 'who is she?' and 'WOW is that Lucy?' and 'She is prettier than Janie'. 

George, Lucy and Holly walked down while everyone stared at them then George went off to his mates and told them that Lucy was his sister and Holly went with her friends and told them that Lucy and her were best friends and Lucy got chatted up by all of the boys and every single girl apart from Janie, Bonnie and Lilly who just stood and watched in rage. 


Lucy made so many new friends and had a great time at the party until Janie came over and 'accidentally' spilt a drink on Lucy.  'oops sorry, did i get your dress wet? aww poor you' Janie said sarcastically and laughed along with Bonnie and Lilly but Lucy just ran off crying. Taylor went after her and made sure she was ok 'Hey, Lucy right? are you ok?' 

'Yeah i am fine thanks.' Lucy replied weeping ' so are you George's sister? he is a great guy and i know your a great girl because i have seen you around and underneath your makeup you are just as pretty' Taylor ensured her 'OMG thanks. you're the sweetest guy ever! i think i will be ok now thanks.' said Lucy and Taylor left 'Thanks Janie, you just helped me  with my plan' Lucy whispered under her breath.

George and Holly found Lucy and they all went home. 'you guys, you will never guess what happened! Taylor came to comfort me and said i was really pretty which means my plan will work. All i need you to do George is let me hang out with him more especially when Janie is there!' exclaimed Lucy

 They dropped Holly off at her house and went home and Lucy could not wait until the next day. 

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