high school

Lucy has had enough of Janie being mean to her all of the time so she comes up with a plan to make her jealous

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5. Lucy

So, Lucy has a little secret that no one else knows about. Her brother is George! Her parents want her to become a scientist when she grows up but she wants to be an artist or a mathematician. She has had to put up Janie’s bullying ever since year 3. But she was now fed up with it and came up with a cunning plan …


“George, I know we aren’t that close but I need to ask you a favour, please!” pleaded Lucy “NO! Go away, I told you not to speak to me at school.” Whispered George

“Please I will do your homework for a month! Or I will do anything. Please I am begging you!” replied Lucy

“Fine! Only if you do my homework for a month AND help Holly in art because she really wants to pass.” Agreed George

Holly is George’s girlfriend and Lucy has always wanted to become friends with her but Holly doesn’t want to hang out with ‘ugly people’.


After school Lucy did George’s homework and tutored Holly in art.

“WOW! Lucy, we never talk to be honest and I have to say, you are a brilliant artist!” complimented Holly

“Oh umm thank you Holly. I was just wondering if I could ask you a favour?” replied Lucy “Umm sure what is it sweetie?” asked Holly and Lucy explained her plan to her. Holly also hates Janie but has to pretend to like her because she is a popular boys girlfriend.


George came home and kissed Holly and said “Hi Lucy, have you done my homework?”

“Yes, I did all of the ones that you were set. I have just been helping Holly with her art work and I told her my plan.” Replied Lucy

“OMG! You and Lucy are brother and sister?” asked Holly

“Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you that …” answered George feeling scared

“WOW! Lucy is so good at art and really funny. Why does no – one know?” Holly said

“I dunno I guess I was kinda ashamed because I am a popular and she is, you know. A nerd.” Replied George

Then silence, no – one knew what to say. So Holly left and George went to his room.


The next day George still wasn’t going to say anything about Lucy but that day was the day that Lucy’s plan would begin. 

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