high school

Lucy has had enough of Janie being mean to her all of the time so she comes up with a plan to make her jealous

i haven't completed it yet but i am still adding


4. chapter 1

Janie is a popular, blonde, pretty girl that everyone adores and all the boys fancy. She has her little group of friends: 

Her, Bonnie and Lilly. 

Bonnie is a tall, skinny, brunette girl and Lilly is a ditzy, tall, blonde girl. They are both very pretty but nothing compared to Janie. And then there are the cute, popular guys:

Taylor, Charlie and George

Taylor is a cute guy with his two friends Charlie, the cute blonde boy and George, the handsome guy with black hair but the one everyone drools over is Taylor especially Janie.

Then there is Lucy the typical ‘nerd’. She has a major crush, like everyone else, on Taylor which makes Janie become jealous. In the morning Lucy sat down next to Janie, big mistake. “Hey looser! Get out of that seat it is saved for Bonnie.” Said Janie “oh, I am really sorry was this your seat Bonnie? Well I will happily give it to you as I would rather not have to sit next to HER for a whole year.” Replied Lucy

“Whatever nerd, I love sitting next to Janie, she is amazing! But you wouldn't know anything about amazing because you aren't amazing like us!” Bonnie said and sat down. Lucy had no other choice but to sit next to ‘fat Tony’ who was a total slob.


After tutorial Lucy went to lesson one, her favorite subject. MATHS. She was really good at maths but Janie shouted out “Hey Looser Lucy, why are you such a little teachers pet?” but Lucy just kept quiet while everyone around her sniggered. Finally their lesson was over and it was lunch break. Everyone seemed to have their own table, Taylor and his mates where with Janie and her friends at the ‘popular table’, the emo’s where at another, the loners, the musical ones and then the nerd table. Lucy may wear big nerdy glasses but she was not a nerd! She was clever and artistic but she was not a gamer or a dictionary reader. She had to eat in the girls toilets by herself.


She had four other lessons which all were horrible since Janie verbally abused her throughout all of them but finally the school day was over and she walked home. As soon as she got back she went to her room and had a big, long cry. She refused to go to school the next day but her parents made her. 

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