Started with a Hello.

The three girls set out for their yearly adventure. New York this time. But this time it wont be any ordinary trip. You'll just have to read and find out what hardships and obstacles they go through during their journey.


2. Gorgeous…

We decided to head to our rented little cottage and head out to get some Starbucks near by.


"Oh sorry about that babe"

I looked up only to find these light sparkly blue eyes. Its cant be… Louis Tomlinson. I spotted around and of course Sarah was fangirling and i saw the rest of the guys. Zayn. Gosh Zayn. Our eyes met and there was something about him. As if there was a spark between us.

  "Hi", He said shyly


"Can't help but say, you're quite pretty"

"Oh stop" I blushed "I dont believe in such things"

"C'mon now! Looking like that, you have to atleast accept it!" I chuckled and shrugged.

We continued our conversation about HIS crazy life, how I moved from England and all sorts of stuff. I looked around only to find Sarah hitting it off with Niall and Jasmin being a bit flirty with Harry. She's pretty good actress for someone who supposibly "hates One Direction"
 Then we heard Liam call out:

"Hey you guys, we should be going back to rehearsals now"

The boys agreed and I slipped my number in Zayn's hands as he was starting to walk away. He gave me his famous little smirk and i watched as the boy band drifted out of my sight. Now i questioned love at first sight... Could it be real? Did I just experience it?

Zayn's P.O.V

wow, Angela. I couldn't believe i met someone so perfect, so amazing. This had to be love at first sight. And her personality and humor just ties it all together. I couldn't stop thinking of her.

"Doing all right there mate?" Louis questioned.

"Oh yeah. Sorry just can't stop thinking of Angela."

"Give her a call then!" He winked

I took out my phone and copied her number off the piece of paper.

"Hello?" I heard her sweet soft melody voice.

"Hey there gorgeous"


It warmed my heart when she recognized  my voice.

I grinned, "I've been wanting to ask you something"

"Shoot it at me"

'I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight?" I spilled nervously. "I'm paying of course."

"I would love to"

"Awesome, I'll pick you up around 8?"

"Okay i'll text you the directions."

"Okay thanks, see you there beautiful"

She chuckled, "Oh stop it! Goodbye handsome"

I waited for her to hang up so i could dance and scream and show how happy I was. I bounced off the walls and had a grin from ear to ear

"Whats up with you?"

I turned to hear an Irish accent.

"Just got a date with an amazing girl."

Sarah's P.O.V

Oh my god. I couldn't believe i just met One Direction! And the way Naill flirted with me! And i actually gave him my number! I couldn't stop fangirling.

"Calm down would'ya?" I heard Jasmin say

"Oh please, says the one flirting with Harry!"

She blushed and walked away, she knew she couldn't beat that.

"Who called you?" I asked Angela

"Zayn!" She jumped "He asked me out tonight!"


Angela's P.O.V

The girls where pulling, fixing, and curling. I couldn't even watch! It was a "surprise". I honestly was pretty nervous for this date. Who else got to go out with one of the most famous guy worldwide? But it wasn't just that. He was my perfect match. He was funny, polite, sweet and GORGEOUS. What's there not to like?

'All ready!"

I stood up and walked to the full body mirror, trying not to trip over the heels.


My golden brown hair was curled and i had on a little short black dress and navy blue high (Very high) heels and bracelets. With a little bit to much of mascara, eyeliner and and red lipstick.

"Isn't this kind of to...i dunno..? I LOOK LIKE A HOOKER."

"Calm down! you look great!" the girls disagreed. I shook my head and walked over to my closet.

I unzipped out of the fancy black dress and put on a blue flowered dress and slipped on some comfortable black Converse. Then i wiped off my dark red lipstick and put on a glossy pink and took off all the extra unnecessary  make up.

"That's better"

The girls glared at me as i walked out. Only to see him with his wide smile, in his Mustang waiting for me patiently until a hard tug distracted me from him "Hey whats your problem?!" I yelled furiously. Out of no where I felt a hard knock to my temple and black blurred my vision. I was out.

Zayn's P.O.V

I saw her walk out of her door and she looked so casual and simple and beautiful. I loved it. I'm glad she wasn't dressed very fancy since the surprise dinner was under the stars in Central Park. I suddenly saw a sketchy looking guy walking towards her. Out of no where he pulled her arm and gave a her a big plow to the head. I opened the car door and ran up to the scene just in time to snatch his arm. "What  the fuck are you- " I couldn't even finish when he hit me straight in the gut. I was on the ground long enough to see his face. He had a black hoodie and Levi's pants with big brown boots. His face was dark and rugged with big bushy eyebrows and a big fat husky nose. I got up just in time to grab him by the leg and give him what he had it coming for. Yet he slipped out of my grip and ran away with the black eye i gave him. I soon enough crawled over to Angela she was out cold. I couldn't help but let a tear fall. I grabbed my phone and dialed the three numbers.

"Hello this is 911. What's your emergency?"

"We've just been assaulted we need help."

"We have just tracked down your location, we'll be there in no time. Can you please explain what happened sir?"

"A creepy guy came and just started to hit me and my date!"

I heard the sirens. In no time they were fixing her up and driving her to the hospital. I decided to inform the boys and her friends.
Meet me in the Manhattan Hospital. I'll explain what happened there.

To: Naill, Liam, Hazza, Lou, Sarah, Jasmine


Authors note:

Hey c; This is my first Movella so give me a break D; It's kind of short im sorry v.v but yeah I'll try to right more. But i promise its a twisty story (; I'll keep my real name anonymous for now. byeee. I hope you guys enjoy it so far. (: and my first chapter was a disaster! I put in quote and it just put '&quote;' Hopefully it doesnt do that with this one and if it does im sorry D; Also please help. I wanna put a picture for the cover of this Movella but i have no idea how so please leave a comment ? c: thanks,. 



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