Why Do I? (One Direction fanfic)

Myiah, and Alexa are two girls who just graduated high school. 18 and young, that's all they are. Myiah has a secret though, that only Alexa knows. Will she tell someone else? Read and find out.

*I do not own the pictures, only the words in the story!*


4. Chapter 2: *Alexa's POV*

        So how about, Myiah and I go to take a peaceful freaking walk, and 2 of the One Direction boys drive up and give us a ride home. Harry kept asking for my #, so I caved in and gave it to him. At least they weren't asshole's like we thought they were.

        We walked into the house and then up to my room.

"It would be us." I say
"What do you mean?" asked Myiah.
"That One Direction chose to stop and give a ride home to."
"Oh yeah. Well at least they weren't jerks."

        I checked the time on my phone. It read '2:07'. I set it down, and as always, as soon as I set it down, I got a text.

I picked up my phone, it read:

From: ***-555-0783
"It's Haz."

I reply:
"Who tf is 'Haz'?"

"Hey My." I said.
"Yeah?" she replied.
"Who is Haz? Do we know anyone by that name?"
"I don't think so. Why?"
"Someone by the name of 'Haz' just texted me.

*Bzz Bzz*

Text from: ***-555-0783
"Harry. I gave you a ride home like five minutes ago. :p"

"Oh it's Harry Styles." I said.

"Oh, okay. Hi." I replied to him.

"How did he get your number?" asked Myiah.
"He kept begging, so I just gave it to him." I said.
"OMG YOU LIKE TOTES HAVE HARRY STYLES PHONE NUMBER!!!" she yelled with fake enthusiasm.
"Shut up." I said with a laugh.

*Bzz Bzz*

From: Harry
"Yeah, hey. lol. So what's up?"

        I texted him back (The rest of the conversation is in the chapter later on.). I began talking to Myiah.

"So how do you feel about having met them?" I asked.
"The same. They are just people." she replied.
"Yeah, but what if we were still those losers in school, and we met them? So many people would want to be our friend."
"But we aren't, and nobody knows."

        I texted Harry until about 1:30 am. I read our conversation to Myiah.

Me: "Nothing really. :p hbu?"
Him: "Nm. So are we as bad as you thought we were?"
"No. Tbh, we thought you guys would be complete and total assholes."
"Is that the only reason you didn't like us? Haha."
"No it's your songs too."
"What about them?"
"I don't get how they relate."
"What do you mean?"
"They are all about love. There aren't any about how the reality is. Or about how certain situations affect people. Or about going through a tragedy. I respect you as musicians but even thought the songs are catchy, you should write about things with meaning. Have you ever gone through something hard?"
"Yeah. When my parents got a divorce."
"Put it in words. Then find rhymes. Then rhythms, then sing it."
"I've never thought about it that way. :p Can I be a topic jumper real quick?"
"Go for it."
"Niall thought your friend was really pretty. lol."
"Myiah? I'm sure she would love to hear that. She thinks she is ugly."
"Can I give him her number?"
"I will ask tomorrow. I am gonna go to bed. :p"
"Ok.  Goodnight."

"Well don't I feel special?" Myiah said.
"Yeah. Well I'm gonna go to bed." I said.
"Okay, love ya. Night."
"Love you too. Night."

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