Why Do I? (One Direction fanfic)

Myiah, and Alexa are two girls who just graduated high school. 18 and young, that's all they are. Myiah has a secret though, that only Alexa knows. Will she tell someone else? Read and find out.

*I do not own the pictures, only the words in the story!*


2. Alexa Oliver


Hi. I'm Alexa, but you can call me Alex, if you actually take the time to talk to me. I self-harm. I only cut though. I live in Cheshire. The same as my best friend, Myiah. She basically lives with me now. Her dad abuses her, so she stays with me for weeks on end. I self-harm because my parents don't treat me good at all. I'll admit being abused is worse though. How do I know? My brother, Joey, hits me all the time. He doesn't care that he hurts me, and when I tell my parents, they just call me a liar and send me to my room. Okay... Well bye!

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