Just Because I Went Jogging (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Madison visits her sister in London for the summer. She literally runs into a very famous cute Irish boy. What will their summer adventures be?

This story is on hold for a bit. Check out, "Take Me Away!"


8. Why Me?

"How come there are no girls are following you?" I asked.

"Our SUV got them lost. I got hungry, so I went to the food shack. It's actually nice not having girls following me for once," he responded, smiling.

"So where are the other boys?"

"They weren't hungry. But I always am, so they dropped me off and went home. I figured I would be fine for the short amount of time. And since I'm alone, too."

“It must be nice.” I stopped walking and looked at him. “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can,” his accent was so strong and adorable.

“How come you didn’t just drop the bag and leave? Why are you still talking to me?” As soon as I said that, I had realized I’d worded it wrong.

“Do you not want me to talk to you?” He looked sad and confused.

“No, I do! I just.. I thought it was nice that you didn’t leave.”

“Oh. Well you seemed like a sweet girl, and I wanted to help you.”

I looked into his eyes. “Thank you.”

“Anything for you,” he said as he looked back into my eyes.

This boy was so sweet. Much kinder than I had ever imagined a member of One Direction to be. We started walking again, but this time in silence. But for some reason, the silence wasn’t awkward. We had just about a half mile to go before we reached Catherine’s flat. I looked down at my hand. Niall was holding it.


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