Just Because I Went Jogging (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Madison visits her sister in London for the summer. She literally runs into a very famous cute Irish boy. What will their summer adventures be?

This story is on hold for a bit. Check out, "Take Me Away!"


9. What Just Happened

Niall Horan was holding my hand. I know I’m not the biggest 1D fan, but I still liked them. And I was in complete shock. I decided not to say anything. For some reason, I didn't want him to let go. I smiled and looked at him. We went the remaining distance in silence, but it wasn’t awkward. We arrived at Catherine’s flat shortly after. And I must admit that I was shocked. Not one fan had come up to Niall.

“Wow, nice place!” Niall said, as he looked the flat up and down. He was still holding my hand.

“Yeah, it is,” I agree. I wanted to ask him why he was still holding my hand, but I couldn’t build up the courage. I worked around it. “Do you want to come inside?”

He looked at me as if I had four eyes. “Do you want me to?”

“I would love for you to meet my sister,” I smiled at him. I let go of his hand and walked toward the front door. He followed.

I opened the door and stepped in. Niall was right behind me. I took a couple steps and saw Catherine sitting on the couch watching some TV show I had never seen before. The TV was muted, but the captions were on the screen. I turned around and faced Niall.

“Oh, I forgot to mention something. My sister Catherine is deaf. She probably doesn’t even know we’re here. She is 20 and in medical school. She knows how to talk, but prefers sign language because she is self-conscious of her voice. But she can read lips, so she can tell what you say. Wow, I’m talking really fast and that was a lot of information. Whoops,” I said. I only rambled on and on when I was nervous. Why was I nervous?

Niall laughed. “It’s alright Madison, I got the basics.”

    “I’m gonna tell her we’re here.” I walked over to Catherine and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and smiled as she stood up. Her eyes immediately drifted over to Niall, standing by the door. She pointed to him as her eyes drifted back to me.

    “Catherine, this is my friend, Niall. I met him at the food shack while I was on my jog,” I signed to her, and spoke out loud so Niall knew what I was saying.

    She looked at him again. “He looks familiar,” she signed back. I said it out loud and smiled. I turned around and motioned for him to come over.

    “Do this,” I said as I showed him how to say, ‘Hi I’m Niall’. He got it the first time and signed it to Catherine.

    Catherine smiled and spoke, “It’s nice to meet you. I’m so glad Madison found a friend here.” She sounded almost perfectly clear.

    Niall said back in his strong Irish accent, “Madison is a very nice girl. I’m glad I met her.”

    Catherine signed to me, “He’s cute, seems like a nice boy. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to see who gets kicked off this week!”

    “Niall and I are gonna go talk, okay?” I signed back.

    “Sure, whatever,” she turned around and sat back down.

     I looked at Niall. “Do you have any plans today?”

    “Only to hang out with a pretty girl,” he replied, looking into my eyes. I noticed he was about three inches taller than me.

    I leaned into him and gave him a hug. I didn’t care what he thought of it. It felt like the right thing to do. When he hugged me back, I knew it had been the right thing.


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