Just Because I Went Jogging (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Madison visits her sister in London for the summer. She literally runs into a very famous cute Irish boy. What will their summer adventures be?

This story is on hold for a bit. Check out, "Take Me Away!"


1. "Troubled" Madison

My mom kicked me out when I was fifteen. She said I was troubled. That’s it, I’M the one that’s troubled. I’m not the one who comes home drunk, high, and knocked up at three o’clock in the morning. The sad thing is, my mom and I used to be close. I could tell her anything. My dad left us when my older sister went deaf when she was three, due to meningitis. My mom was eight months pregnant with me at the time. Before I was born, my mom had never picked up a cigarette, and she only drank on special occasions. I really don’t know what changed her. Now, she has six kids. Three are with my dad, and the other three each have different fathers, and no one knows where they are. And the worst part about that? They are all in foster homes because of my mom’s actions. I barely know them.

I am now seventeen, and I live with my oldest sister, Amanda, in Los Angeles. She is 23, and honestly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I’ve always been jealous of how wonderful and perfect she seems to be. And my deaf sister, Catherine, is just the same. She was lucky enough to get accepted to a medical college in London. Her and I are very close thanks to Skype. And then there’s me, Madison. Sometimes I think that I must have been switched at birth, because I look nothing like my sisters. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I don’t think I ever will. The only thing I have in my life now, are my two older sisters, and my best friend, Scarlett. Other than that, I’m alone.


...Or so I thought.


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