Just Because I Went Jogging (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Madison visits her sister in London for the summer. She literally runs into a very famous cute Irish boy. What will their summer adventures be?

This story is on hold for a bit. Check out, "Take Me Away!"


3. Scarlett

"Hey, you! What's up with the creepy smile?" I said, walking towards her.

"1D had a new photo shoot! LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS, AREN'T THEY SO ADORABLE?" She shoved her phone in my face. Scarlett is obsessed with One Direction. Sometimes it scares me.

I pushed the phone back a little and said "Real cute, Scar." I pushed her phone back and smiled. "Guess what?"

"Chicken butt!"


"No, what?"

"I leave for London Monday." She stopped short. I knew deep down she was jealous. She has always wanted to go.

"Oh." She started walking again.

“I promise to send postcards and text you every day,” I felt so bad. I wish I could take her with me.

“Promise?” She looked at me with big eyes.

“Of course!” Just then, my phone vibrated. I took it out of my pocket. It was a text from Catherine. It read ‘Hey sis! Can’t wait to see you Monday! Xoxo’ I responded ‘Can’t wait, have a good day, love you:)’ This just made me even more excited to go to London. Scarlett and I walked the rest of the way to school talking about how much we weren’t going to miss it.

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