Just Because I Went Jogging (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

Madison visits her sister in London for the summer. She literally runs into a very famous cute Irish boy. What will their summer adventures be?

This story is on hold for a bit. Check out, "Take Me Away!"


10. Guess I'm Done Talking

I took his hand and led him upstairs to where my room was. I knew Catherine trusted me, I had just met this boy. There was nothing to worry about and she knew it. We reached my room and I opened the door. That’s when I remembered that I still had running clothes on.

    “I kinda forgot that I have running clothes on, I’ll go change real quick. Make yourself at home,” I said as I walked over to the dresser and grabbed some clothes to change into.

    “Alright,” he responded as he sat on my bed. He pulled his phone out.

    I ran into the bathroom and changed. I fixed my makeup and hair as well. When I was done, I stood in the mirror and looked at myself. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I left the bathroom and went back to my room.

    “Sorry about that, I just felt, well, icky,” I said sitting next to him.

    “Don’t worry about it. It gave me time to text the rest of the boys to let them know I was with a friend and wasn’t mobbed,” he flashed his phone.

    I decided to just go for it. “Why did you hold my hand earlier?”

    He looked at me with big eyes. “I... I don’t know. I guess I just didn’t want to lose my new friend. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

    I grabbed his hand. “No, it was fine. I sort of liked it.”

    His face lit up. “Really?”

    “Yes. It made me feel safe and protected. Like I actually mattered.”

    “You do matter.”

    I couldn’t believe I had actually found a boy that told me I mattered. I felt a tear drip down my face. “My mom kicked me out of the house because she thought I was a bad kid but I really wasn’t a bad kid because she was more of the bad kid but didn’t want to accept it so she blamed it all on me and I never knew my dad because he left when Catherine went deaf and so I had no place to go and I moved in with my sister in LA because we had always been close and then I came here to visit Catherine for the summer and no one’s ever told me I matter before because I haven’t felt loved or liked in a really long time and--”

    Niall kissed me. On the lips. His hands were on my face, and his lips on mine. He pulled away about three seconds later. I looked at him. He wiped away the tears that had fell while I was rambling about my life. I realized that I trusted this boy. He listened and cared about me. And he had just kissed me.

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