Live, Laugh and Love

Live every moment, Laugh every day and Love beyond words.

Love at first sight, not something everyone believes in but when you find it you are sure to be happy for the rest of your life.
Paige wants to find a true love she has been let down in the past by those she has trusted but when she finds out the awful news she is certain that now this will be impossible she just wants her situation to be accepted and to be happy but when she finds love at first sight how is her secret going to affect the way Niall feels about her, will she tell him at all? She doesn't want to unsettle Niall and seeing as he is in a world famous pop group this gives her all the reasons not tell him. Will she tell Niall her secret or will it be left unsaid until it is too late?


1. 1

"You're going to die."

My heart stopped just for a moment, as I heard those four fatal words. It felt as if I had been severely winded.

I painfully released the gush of breath I had been holding in and tried to put the pieces together in my now confused mind.

Questions streamed through my mind but with my voice so hoarse I could only just managed to let out a croaky squeak, like a mouse being trodden on, I guess that noise must have fit perfectly though, because that is the way I felt.

Reality rushed back into place and it took me a moment to realise where I was and to let the awful news sink in.

My ears picked up sounds and I managed to concentrate on the words that Doctor Hilary was saying.

"Paige, you have just about a year left." This news slammed into me with such force I just started to cry, big tears streaming down my now puffy cheeks and splashing onto the blue shiny hospital floor. I watched as each tear hit the floor and then as if by magic, the tears slowly doubled and an arm tightened around me. Mum.

It took me a lot of painful effort to look up at her, her beautiful pure face streaming black down her soft pink cheeks, quietly sobbing, nothing else mattering to her now that she is going to lose her only child, me.


Doctor Hilary tried to reassure us the best she could, but nothing else mattered any more, not really.

She gave us all the details in the next steps we should take to making my last months comfortable and memorable, she told us they were all devastated that there was nothing they could do, the tumour had spread and was now untreatable.

I didn't want to be here in this hospital room, the sounds of beds being wheeled back and forth, the squeak of shoes on the shiny polished floor, anywhere but here.

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