Those perfect pink balloons


1. telling him

Summer break is finally here and i just can't wait to get away but how am i supposed to tell him, i mean, he thinks it's only for a week, how am i supposed to tell him i'm not coming back, ever. Moving to Cornwall has to be one of the best decisions me and dad have ever made since mum died it has to be said, but i just don't know how to break the news to Josh, it will crush him and me, i guess. Well here goes nothing.

Walking through the park i see him, he turns and smiles at me, returning his smile i go to his side and relax in the warm embrace we share, except he notices the tears rolling down my cheek.

"Jess whats up," he says, sounding concerned while he wipes away my tears 

"I'm so sorry baby," i reply

"sorry for what, baby tell me" he whispers

"I'm not coming back from Cornwall" 

As i say it i see his face go blank, i see the tears in his eyes as he moves away from me,  he turns and walks away. I know not to follow as it's his way of dealing with things, well that's what me and Aimee reckon anyway. Aimee is my best friend and soon to be sister, after mum died things got hard for dad he confided in Julie (Aimee's mum) and that's when they realized they had something and that's why were moving ,to start over.

I didn't have to wait for long for Josh, he sent me a text saying he was on his way and 10 minutes later he was standing on my door step, his gorgeous blue eyes were like ice now and his hair was all straggled from sweat. He grabbed my waist and kissed me, handing me a bag. We went to my room in silence, in the bag was a box covered in photos of me and Josh with 'me and my baby written on it'. Inside was a photo frame with a picture of me and Josh, my favorite t-shirt of his and an envelope. I opened it and inside was a picture of lands end, as i turned to look at him he was smiling, he kissed me and left.

I ran to Aimee's room and explained everything to her,

"Jess i gotta admit it's pretty cute but i don't understand, you say he didn't say a word too you?" Aimee asked in complete confusion

"No he didn't, he's not answering my texts either and he's usually the first to text me" i replied.

"He's probably upset, just sleep on it sweetie".

I decided to take her advice and i slept on it, it seemed like it was an age before i woke up and it was i was supposed to get up early and start packing seeing as we were leaving tomorrow.

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