From the Moment I Met You

This story is about a girl named Sammy and one night while she was at The Cheesecake Factory with her mom; but they completely booked so they cant eat there. What happens when a curly haired boy's out with hiss mom and insist they sit with them? Read to find out....... Ok this is my first fanfic so please bear with me :) Harry styles fanfic ;)


2. The Night that changed Me

"Mom lets go we're gonna be late and never get seated." I shouted up the stair "I'm coming, I'm coming relax." We got in the car and drove to the restaurant. My mom was dressed in a dress and heels while I on the other hand was wearing a shirt with The Beatles on it, skinny jeans, and some green converse that matched my shirt. My dad and brother are out of town for a soccer game, and my sister was working late. We walked into the restaurant. "I have to make a phone call go get us a table please and i'll meet you inside." my mom told me walking away "Alright." i said but she was gone. I walked u to the hosts table. "Hi can I have a table for two please." I asked politely "I'm sorry but we're booked, The wait time is and hour and thirty minutes." the lady said rather rudely "ok thanks " I said and walked outside . I saw my mom hanging up the phone so I walked up to her. "they full and the waits and our and thirty minutes." I said kinda upset "Well lets go somewhere else to eat." I nodded and turn to walk away when I bumped into someone " Im sorry i didn't see you there." I said looking up to face the person "Don't worry about it I wasn't really paying attention either." I just smiled and turned around when someone grabbed my wrist. I looked up and saw the same man I ran into "How's the service tonight, I'm Harry by the way." He smiled at me "I don't know they're full so and I didn't make reservations so they couldn't seat my mom or I and I'm Samantha but you can call me Sammy." I said taking him in fully. He was wearing a white shirt, Dark jeans, and a white pair of beat up converse. he had beautiful green eyes and curly hair. "Well i'm here with my mum too, why don't you two sit with us. I'm sure they could pull up a chair or two." He said hopefully "No it's fine, I wouldn't want to intrude on you and your moms dinner." I said shyly "no Its fine i Insist." he said showing the cutest dimples ever "alright let me go tell my mom." I said and turned around to go tell me my mom. I told her and She agreed only If we would pay. They said ok and we were seated in a square Table. I had my mom to my left, Harry to my right, and Harry's mom across from me. we talked and laughed the whole night. Our moms were engaged in a conversation so I turned to Harry who was already starring at me. Before I could say anything he said "After dinner 'm going to a party would you like to come?" I thought about it for a second before replying "Ok yeah it'll be fun. Now tell me what are you doing in Miami cause I can tell from your accent your not form around here." I smirked " Im here with four of my friends, you'll see them at the party, we decided to move here to take a break from it all; and my mom is just visiting. This is her last night hear." I smiled well I'm glad you did move hear cause if not i wouldn't  have met you or you mom." I chuckled a bit "yeah me too." then he winked at me i jut rolled my eyes and laughed. Soon we paid said our goodbyes then Harry and I were of the the party. 

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