The last time i saw him


1. The hospital

I knew it would be the last time i saw him alive as soon as i stepped through the door, the dense air hot on my face and the familiar aroma hitting my senses, I knew this was the last time i would be visiting this deary place. Seeing everyone gathered there i knew it couldn't be good, the tears that were being produced could have filled a bucket, i tried to turn back but my grandmother ushered me forward it was time to confront it.                                                                                                                                         


As i held his hand the whirring and bleeping of the machines were driving me crazy, this was supposed to be my time alone with him but what was i supposed to do, say? Could he hear me? Did he understand me? Staring at his lifeless body i began to move, giving up on talking to him I climbed onto the crisp white sheets and clutched his body to mine for what seemed like an age. I woke up by the shake of her; the tears streaming down my face as she pulled me off my beloved brother.




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