Arranged Separation

Arranged marriage is not turning out to be what I thought it would. It's more like arranged separation. Mrs Adelin Braithwait doesn't have the ring it used to now that Lawrence is at war. How am I to stay sane, not knowing where on Earth he is? And what am I to do with myself and the children? They miss him so much, as do I.


1. My Children

I woke early this morning- earlier than normal. The sound outside of the window was eerily quiet. One gets used to the sound of engines driving around the streets and mothers trying to hurry their own children into school. Miss Fox, our nanny, usually wakes the children for me, but as I was up, so I took the task upon myself.

My husband, Lawrence, and I have three beautiful children: Cedric, our eldest. He' so brave, often taking on the man of the house's role. He's 13. I gave birth to him 10 months after Lawrence and I married. He is such a special boy. Bridget is mummy's little girl. Our daughter is 11 and quite an independant girl already, but ever since Lawrence was sent to war, she hasn't been the same. She's quiet, and shy, not as she is usually. Mungo is the youngest. He's 8, but is quite aware of what is happening in the world. He also misses Lawrence, but tries to hide it by reading all the time. I wish he would talk about it. Bottling his feelings has never been good for him before. 

Bridget was already awake when I knocked on her bedroom door. She was sat at the window, staring out onto the street, lost in though. I didn't want to disturb her- she looked peaceful for the first time since Lawrence left- but I couldn't bare to watch her any longer.

"Bridget, sweetheart?" I said, hovering by the door. "Don't you think that you should start getting dressed for school? Miss Fox will be along shortly to help you into your dress, I'm sure."

My daughter turned to look at me with sad eyes. "Mummy, when is all of this going to end?"

"I don't know, darling. Come along now, choose your dress." I turned to leave her room.

"Mummy? Will you help me dress instead of Miss Fox?" I turned back and smiled at her.

"Of course. Let me wake your brothers and I'll help."

It's the first time in a long time that Bridget has asked me to help her with something as personal as dressing. It feels nice to be connecting with her again.

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