Sara was new to the town, she never thought she would fall for the towns babe magnet Niall Horan, but that all changed at her friend Alice and her boyfriend Seans house party. He sings for her and they share a kiss, Niall asks her out and shes delighted but a bit worried that shes being used. She opens up to Niall in ways she would never imagine and begins to trust him. As they fall in love drama unfolds and Sara is faced with big decisions, did Niall really love her? or was he just using her for something else?


1. Chapter 1

   The room was crowed with people, that's when I saw him, blonde locks fell across his forehead, sparking blue eyes that caught mine. He began to walk towards me and that's when I shat it. Being me, I ran. I was new to the town and all I knew was that he was the cool guy, the guy every girl wanted to be with. Everyone loved him and he had a reputation for being with many girls, but there was know way I was going to be one of them. 

    I made my was through the groups of people in the living room and up the stairs into Alice's room where her, Chloe and Emily were. I must of looked shook or something because Chloe asked if I were ok, ''yea I'm ok, well, there's... who's that blonde guy downstairs ?'' I flustered. ''Hes a man whore, don't get involved with him Sara, he wants nothing more then the ride and hes the type of guy that will kiss and tell'' Chloe said. ''yea Sara, his longest relationship was about two weeks'' Emily added. Then Alice stated that maybe I had a chance, I was different to other girls but either way, I was still a girl and he only had one thing on his mind, ''Jesus lads, I asked who he was ! its not like I'm asking him to marry me !'' I laughed.

    I stayed with Alice, while the others went back to the party. She told me all about him, Niall Horan. I suppose we were alike in ways, both love food, both like geography and french and most of all, we're both big into music. He plays guitar and sings and I was always into guys that loved music or played an instrument. I was just put off by the number of girls he had been with. I didn't want to be just another number.

    Within that half an hour of chatting to Alice, Chloe had pulled and Emily was after shifting Darragh which was one of Niall's close friends. I went over to Chloe as Emily was busy chatting to Darragh, ''Jeezz, you really know how to pull the lads, don't ya Chloe?'' I joked. ''Ah I cant help being gorgeous!'' she laughed. ''Have you seen Niall?'' I asked. ''Yea, hes just being sitting over there in the corner on his phone'' she pointed, ''he hasn't gone near a girl all night'' she added. ''Maybe you should go over to him'' Alice said. ''No Alice, hes not going to want to talk to me-''. ''I didn't say talk'' she winked. 

    I saw Sean walk over to Niall, I hadn't properly met him yet but he was Alice's boyfriend so he must be some what decent. Niall whispered something into his ear, Sean nodded and Niall smiled. Sean began to walk towards me, as his eyes caught mine I grinned. I panicked, but before I could run he caught my hand, ''Sara, is it?'' he asked. ''yea, I'm a friend of Alice's'' I added. ''Oh yea, nice to meet you'' he said. ''you too'' I replied. ''Do you know my friend Niall?'' he asked. ''I know of him, but look I know what hes looking for and its not going to happen'' I stated. '' woah woah, calm down Niall just wants to talk to you'' he told me. ''oh emm ok..'' I turned around and walked over to Alice.

    ''Just go talk to him'' she said. ''but-'' ''Sara normally he'd ask for something else, so feel honored that he actually wants to talk to you'' she interrupted. ''ok'' I said turning around and walking over to Niall, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

    Within seconds I was stood in front of him, he stood up ''Hi, I'm Niall'' he said as his larger warm arms wrapped around my back and head dug into my shoulder. I never thought someone could fell so comfortable and welcoming as Niall did. ''I'm Sara'' I hesitated. ''I know, I've heard a lot about you'' he said. ''oh em.. I've heard a lot about you to'' I awkwardly added. He laughed, ''Do you wanna go talk somewhere quite ? Sean has a guitar in his room, maybe we could mess around a bit, on the guitar like'' he smirked. He was your typically Irish lad, cheeky but charming. I laughed as we got up and walked out into the hallway. 

    Niall put his arm around me as we walked up the stairs. He really knew how to make a girl feel special. I couldn't help but notice his scent, it smelt so manly, I tilted my heard to get a wiff. ''So Lynx attract does work'' he laughed. I blushed and nodded. We went into Sean's room which was actually clean ! the walls were blue and covered with posters of ''The Script''. There was a double bed with a Derby County sheet on it. I sat on the bed while Niall grabbed the guitar from the corner of the room.

    ''What music are you into?'' he asked. ''Anything from Metallica to Justin Bieber'' I said. '' really ! I'm the same, like there's nothing I wouldn't listen to, I'm a big fan of Justin'' he said. He put the capo on the 4th fret and hummed before singing ''I know you love me, I know you care''. My mouth must have dropped, I was so taken back. ''Niall your amazing'' I blurted out. He smiled as he continued to sing. I watched as he continued, he was so into it, he was perfect. As he strum the last chord a smile formed on my face, ''Niall your absolutely amazing'' I said. He blushed as he handed me the guitar, ''your turn'' he smiled.''ah I dunno Niall'' I hesitated. ''Please, I sang for you'' he insisted. ''ok'' I smiled.

    I put the capo back down to the 2nd fret and took a deep breath, I started to sing. I sang Glowing  by The Script which was one of my favorite songs, In a way it said a lot about me. I was always nervous singing but Niall made me feel so comfortable. He stayed quite for the whole song and I was worried that I didn't sound good. Just as I finished a smile grew on his face, ''wow'' he said. ''sorry, I think I was a bit out''. ''No, you were amazing'' he insisted. ''thank you, but your amazing'' I said. ''you have lovely big blue eyes'' he said. ''well that's another thing we have in common'' I added. He leaned in and kissed me on the nose, this was new. ''bit lower'' I giggled. Giving him permission, he pressed his lips against mine as he placed his hands on my lower back, I wrapped my hands around his neck playing with the hair at the back of his head. I felt a smile form on his face as we gently kissed. He pulled away and again placed a kiss on my nose. Sparks ran through my body, I knew I had fallen for him.

     My phone buzzed, it was my dad, I was already an hour late, ''I have to go'' I told Niall. ''wait'' he grabbed my hand. ''whats you number?'' he asked. I took his phone and saved my number to his contacts. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard Niall shout, ''I'll chat ya later''. I smirked as I ran out the door not even stopping to say goodbye to Alice and Sean. 

    I got a taxi back home which was really expensive ! I took off my shoes and headed straight for my room, ignoring dad because I knew I was in trouble. I threw my bag and phone on my bed and had a quick shower. I dried off my hair and got into bed. I tossed and turned for a while and just as I dosed off my phone beeped. I read the text with one eye half open blinded form the light. It read ''I had a great time tonight, maybe we could do it again sometime? Niall x''.


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