Geek Charming

Emma Rose, 17, has it all. Her boyfriend is the guy that all the girls want, she's the head of the cheerleading squad, and she is one of the most popular girls in school. But she's falling behind in class. What will happen when she starts to fall for her tutor, risking everything?





                                     I'm sorry if I disappointed any of you because you thought this was a chapter. I just had something I needed to say. I started writing this story and I had the whole story planned out on paper. Now I lost it and don't remember anything I was going to do except for the next couple chapters. Since I lost them I just decided to wing it from here on out and I will just put down the first thing that comes to my head. But I've been really busy lately with sports and school and homework that I don't have that much time to write. Even worse, this week is state testing. So that makes it really hard to update every day like I want to because I need to study and get a lot of rest, as well as everything else I have to get done. So I won't be able to update at all in the next week, which sucks. So, since I'm very busy I decided I would get a co-author. If you want to be a co-author comment saying you want to and I will keep you in mind. I will be choosing 1 or 2 and they will be the co-authors for this book only.  I have a sequel in mind but I want to do that one on my own. Also, to be a co-author you have to be on my fanlist. So, comment if you wanna be a co-author!



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