The Podium

Gymnastics at its worst, when you have a mental block. You'll do anything to get over it and move on. After all the practice you've done, you need to have someone to believe in you. Just to say "I trust you."


1. Gymnastics

You slump in your seat,
Dragging on with your day,
You stare out the window
The sky is so gray.

What once was so fun,
Is now a long drag,
So fearful, with sorrow,
Your eyes start to sag.

You put on the Leo,
And pull back your hair,
The cheerful waiting
Is gone, not there

You trudge to the doors,
Smiling blankly at friends,
You can't master that skill
The fear never ends

You start to warm up,
You feel so sore,
Why haven't you done it?
Just walked out the door?

What's keeping you here?
The distant dream?
The champion inside you
Waiting to gleam

Your coach says let's go
Level 9's to bars,
The day is too hard,
Lets fly to mars.

You tighten your grips,
And chalk the bar up,
What awaits you is failure,
Can you pass the cup?

You give up your try,
To someone more willing,
You stand there arms crossed
Her skills are killing.

Your turn comes again,
A tear escapees your eye.
Your holding it in,
And trying not to cry.

You can't do your double back,
No matter how hard you try,
Your coach pulls you over,
As you continue to cry.

What's going on?
What happened here?
You used to be so brave,
Now your fighting the tears?

Look at the others,
So fearless and free
No hesitation,
Not a correction from me.

They go without stopping,
No fear taking power
It's when you stop to think,
When you hesitate an hour

Your heart says to do it,
Just throw it and go
Even if you fail,
We trust you you know.

You get on the board,
Testing the bounce,
You glide to a kip,
Strength in every ounce.

You nail the handstand,
And master the release
Your routine is now over,
Holding on to the peace.

Your hands let go,
And your knees tuck in,
When you would stop,
Is when you now know you'll win

You flip over twice,
Somehow landing on your feet
What once was so big,
You managed to defeat

A smile, a grin
And claps from the team,
Your fear is all gone
You can't help but beam.

It wasn't "ready, go"
That made me flip,
It was the sentence he said,
After my kip.

"I trust you"

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