Ice cold tale

Just a description I wrote, to start of a story


1. The Storm

The dark forest frowned on either side of the frozen lake. The trees had been stripped bare by the frosty wind and they seemed to lean towards each other in the fading light, it was as if they were cowering together hiding from something sinister or hugging to keep warm. Their trunks and twigs looked like old, bony fingers grabbing out and waiting for a passer-by to wander into their clutches. A stony path weaved in between the old trees covered in shards of ice, icicles dripping down from the branches above. It was like a mirror of cold ice had been smashed over the forest. The icy wind blew the trees and howled as it picked up stray leaves and tossed them aside looking for something better. The stray leaves swirled and a collection of red berries lay dotted around on the frozen path. An old, castle-like mansion loomed in the distance, standing tall in the storm. Its heavy garden gate swinging on its rusty hinges. Its roof slates flying. Its chimney steaming. The dismal moon reflected onto the frozen water looked like a grandfather clock’s face. Watching out over the lake from the mansion’s attic window was the figure of a girl. She was watching the raging storm…

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