4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


10. The time of you and I

Jorgie's POV 

We had tangled ourselves into the sheets of the bed, the morning light shining through the unclosed curtains. 
"When are you going home again?" Harry had propped his head up on his hand, his bent elbow pressed into the pillow next to my head. 
"Tuesday," I mumbled, still half asleep. 
"That's..." He counted the days on his fingers, "...four days."  
"Yep," I frowned, "The contractors said that the roof was being done on Thursday and they want me to confirm everything." 
"I'm coming home when it's all finished. You aren't allowed to see in finalised until I come."
I smiled, "Fine. I guess I will wait." 

We went shopping whilst the boys were performing that night, Eleanor and I trying to find ourselves new outfits, Eleanor being pissed at her lack of choices. 
"Maybe I should create a maternity label, where everything actually has style," she frowned, lifting a floral shirt that looked like it should be in the aged section of the store. "Let's go." 
We left the store to go and get food and head back to the bus. The boys were on the move tonight so we didn't get a hotel room. 
The had laid a bed out at the back of the bus for Louis and Eleanor, which was mainly because she was pregnant and they wanted to cuddle, I imagine. Harry and I had the option of sharing or separating. We chose to share. 
He was sweaty when he got back onto the bus, all of them flustered and laughing. 
"You all stink," Eleanor laughed, gagging a little when Louis gave her a sweaty hug. 
"We're going to shower and then we are off," Harry smiled running back off the bus, the other boys following. 

They were all bouncing when we finally left, still hyped up from the show. I laughed from Harry's bunk as they jumped around the bus, singing an old Spice Girls song. When they all calmed down a little, everyone just talked until people started to fall asleep, exhausting finally hitting them. Zayn was the first to go, Liam following about four minutes later. Louis and Eleanor shut the back door, the room silencing even more. Harry climbed up next to me and we closed the curtain before the bus cleared fully. 

The bunk was small but big enough. We pulled Harry's laptop up and put a movie on, The Notebook being one of my only choices. 
I fell asleep before it ended. I could feel Harry moving to turn it off and put the laptop away before wrapping his arm around me, pulling me close to his chest. 

"I would prefer just take out," Eleanor shook her head at all the boys choices of restaurants, "You will get spotted and we'll have to leave anyway cause everyone is out looking for you. And besides, it's too cold outside. And I don't really want to get dressed." 
"I'm agreeing," Harry nodded, "I'm quite happy to stay in." 
"Fine," Louis frowned, "Pizza, or?" 
"BBQ chicken," I practically jumped, yelling my choice at the boys. 
"Jesus," Niall laughed. 
They all cracked up as I smiled. 
"BBQ chicken pizza for Jorgie than," Zayn nodded, Paul grabbing a pen so he could order what everyone wanted. 

Once the food arrived, we sat around the hotel room, all sitting in the one room together. 
"Do you know how much I miss Caramello Koalas?" I mumbled, more to myself than anything. 
"What?" Louis laughed. 
"I'm going to get mum to send me some." 
The all smiled as I grabbed my phone, halfway through my slice of pizza and texted her my need for that particular chocolate.

We lazed around all day until the concert that night. It felt so long because the day was so cold and we didn't do anything. The dressing room didn't hold much comfort either, all the chaos that always happened before the show. I somehow managed to fall asleep amongst the chaos and once the boys went out, Lou woke me asking if I wanted her to do my hair, which I had asked her about the night before. 

"Harry," I frowned, trying to get my phone back out of his grip. 
"I will only give it back if it's important and Facebook isn't important," He laughed, throwing my phone onto the couch.
I went to get up and get it but he pinned me down. 
"No," Harry shook his head, "I have spent the last few days wondering what you do when I'm not around, and I've learned that you are addicted to your phone. I have an addiction too, you know. It's you, and your going home tomorrow and I will have no way to feed off of that addiction like you do. So, my point is, no phone tonight, okay?" 
I smiled and nodded, "Now that you've pinned me down, what are you planning on doing to me?" 
"Well, it's only 6pm, so we are going to dinner and then we can come back here." 
I pursed my lips, a laugh escaping them. 
"There is no options because I am starving and you bought a new dress to wear out."
I pulled myself from the bed and went to have a shower.

Harry's POV 
"Can I just get the chicken breast please," Jorgie nodded to herself and handed the waiter her menu. 
"That won't be long," she smiled before walking away. 
"So, what needs to be done at the house now?" I looked at Jorgie across the table. 
"Roof, wall painting, floors, then all the furniture. The kitchen is being down over the weekend, along with floors." She smiled as she listed the things, gleeful at what was happening. 
"They got everything done over the past couple of weeks quick." 
"Yeah, they're all working hard." 
"Did you think about what I was saying the other week? About adoption or surrogates?" I pulled the conversation in a different direction, making Jorgie hesitate to answer, her eyes darting around the restaurant. 
"I don't think you have to worry about the press," I smiled, grabbing her hand across the table.
"I thought about all of that," She looked to our hands, "But I'm just not ready. Maybe in a few months, but not now." 
I understood. Everything was hitting us all at once. 
"Zayn told me that we have to survive the storm to be able to dance in the rain." 
She laughed at my use of Zayn's words, the situation once again lightening to the topic of puppy names.

The next morning, I went in the car to the train station with Louis, Eleanor and Jorgie. As much as I was having an amazing time, I wanted to go back with her. Help her pick wall colours because that's what I'm meant to do. 

On the drive back from the station, it was apparently noticeable that I was upset, bored and lonely. I wasn't too sure which emotion it was. But, Louis pointed my obvious change in mood out to me. 
"You 'right mate?" He patted my shoulder with his small palm. Gestures like that always reminded me that Louis was a much smaller guy than me. He had smaller hands and smaller feet and there was an obvious difference in our height. Jorgie and Eleanor were the same. Jorgie was taller and had bigger features than Eleanor. Eleanor was petite whereas Jorgie could definitely fight her own fights. 
"Harry?" Louis waved his hand in front of my eyes. 
"Sorry, yeah." I mumbled my answer, moving Louis' hand away from my face.

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