4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


12. The new man

I dropped to the debris ridden floor, my face falling into my palms, blocking out the painful sight. Harry was light on his feet when he moved to sit beside me, his hand tracing circles into my back. It was silent, the only sound being the constant wind outside. 

I wasn't sure how long we sat there. I was only aware of the time when Harry pulled me to my feet, his grip never leaving me, and took me to the car. The car dashboard glowed in the darkness of the streets. 
"I will call the contractors tomorrow," Harry was staring at me.
I didn't reply. 
"I'm sure it will be fixable," he turned his gaze back to the road, although his hand was lifted off the steering wheel and placed in my own, one hand having control of the car. 
"Why does this keep happening to me?" It came as a half laugh, half sob.
"The worst things happen to the best people," Harry half smiled. 

"The contractors said that the damage can be fixed, it'll just take a couple more weeks because they'll have to repair all the roof and windows and part of the south wall." 
My face lit up as Harry walked back into the living area. He leaned over the back of the couch.
"Our house is gonna be fine," I smiled up at him. 
He nodded, "Are you going to come with us?"
I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.
"Tour? Going to Dublin?"
I laughed at myself, "I forgot you were on tour."  
"Emily and the twins are coming." 
"El is due today so I'm going to stay there. I don't want her to be alone."
"That explains why Louis is so reluctant to leave," Harry laughed. "Has it really been nine months?" 
"Yeah," I smiled, pulling him down to the lounge, crossing my legs to face him as he sat next to me. "It's almost been nine months since the wedding as well."
"Wow! How have you lasted this long with me?" he laughed, his lips finding my neck as I wrapped my hands around his.
I uncrossed my legs as he pulled me closer to him, my legs on either side of his waist. Harry's hands skimmed down my back, tracing my hips and moving up my stomach, skimming where my bra would have been if I wasn't in my pyjamas. 
"Well then," he smirked against my lips. 
I grinned as his hands lingered, squeezing softly and making me moan into his lips. 
His hands skimmed back down my sides and to my thighs, grabbing them and lifting me from the couch, our lips not disconnecting. 
"Shower," I took a breathe as I said it, making him smile as he redirected us.
Harry set me down on the bathroom counter and began to undress. As he turned the shower on, I pulled the t-shirt that I had on off, dropping it to the floor next to the counter. He laughed, seeing me in the corner of his eye. I pulled myself to my feet to remove the rest of my clothing and joined him in the warm shower. 

Harry set me on the bed, our bodies still dripping from the shower. 
"I have to leave in an hour," he mumbled against my neck, his lips trailing along my collarbone. 
"Plenty of time," I laughed, allowing his hands to pull my own above heads, holding them there as he trailed kisses along the upper half of my body. He moved his kisses lower and lower, making me moan his name. I let out a giggle when he nipped the skin on my thigh, sucking it softly, making me lower my hands to grip at his damp curls. He gripped my thighs, pulling them over his shoulders as he continued what he knew I was earning for. 
Harry began to move his lips back up my body, his fingers taking over, circling and making me arch off the bed.

His hands once again trailed up my body, his lips crashing into mine as I came down from a high. Harry didn't let me stay down though, wrapping my legs around his waist, giving me time before sliding our bodies together in a motion that I matched, our hips connecting as we moved. He pulled my hands to either side of my head, intertwining our fingers and pushing against my palms. 
Our bodies slid, the heat between drying the water from the shower. I got lost somewhere in the middle, the veins in Harry's neck distracting me, the way that they stuck out when he was moving his body the way he was. He looked down at me and smiled, the expression on his face showing the pleasure he was feeling even if he didn't mean to. 
Harry's mouth opened when he felt me tightening around him, his eyes closing and his head falling forward but his body continuing its motion, connecting our hips as we both hit a high.

"I don't want to leave," Harry frowned as he sat up next to me, smiling as I pulled a sheet up over my body and his legs, "What are you doing?"
"I'm tired," I smiled, my eyes closing. 
"Do I wear you down that much?" He laughed, pulling my body to lean on him, my head on his thigh. 

"Where are you going?" I opened one of my eyes, seeing Harry pulling pants on in the doorway to our bedroom. 
"I have to leave. I was meant to be ready twenty minutes ago." 
He walked over to the bed, leaning down and kissing my cheek, "I'll be back in a few weeks before the U.S tour."
"How many weeks?"
"That's shit," I laughed, reaching around his neck and kissing him properly. 
"I love you," he walked back to the doorway, lifting his bag strap over his shoulder.
"I love you too."

Niall's POV 
"What were you doing for twenty minutes?" Louis laughed when Harry pulled himself into the car, collapsing in the seat closest to the door. 
"Sleeping," Harry smiled weakly, his eyes half closed. 
"With Jorgie," Zayn mumbled softly, sniggering with Louis.

Harry was asleep before we got to Liam's. They were waiting in the front garden, Liam automatically packing everything into the second car, setting up the baby seats quickly and making sure everything was in before giving everyone the thumbs up and jumping in the second car himself.
"I am so glad Emily is coming," Gracie smiled from next to me, her fingers playing with my fingers. 
"Am I not entertaining enough?" I laughed, raising my eyebrows at her.
I moved my arm around her shoulder as she leant on mine, making it more comfortable for her, her eyes closing as she began to doze off. I pulled her glasses off and put them in the side pocket of the car.
Zayn and Louis were silent, Louis nervously sliding his phone between his fingers, half expecting a phone call to take him back. Zayn was watching the road, the damage still quite clear from the storm that had just passed, the setting sun brightening everything.  

Jorge's POV 
"I'm not that bad," I laughed at Eleanor's lack of faith in my cooking. 
"You win worlds best baker, but not chef. I'll just have pot noodles," she laughed, walking awkwardly into the kitchen.
"Fine, but tomorrow, I'm making food."
"Cookies?" She laughed.  
"Pot noodles for me," She started to make them.
"I'm gonna shower," I pointed upstairs, "Call me if you need me." 

I woke to my phone buzzing on the pillow next to my head.
"Hello,"I mumbled into the phone. The clock next to the bed said 3:30am which made me groan. 
"Hey babe," Harry's voice made me smile. He was whispering, clearly in bed already. 
"It's 3:30 Harry. What are you still awake for?"
"I couldn't sleep. I slept in the car," I could tell he was smiling, "Sorry for waking you. I thought your voice would make me feel better."
"Why do you need to feel better?"
"'Cause I'm away from you again." 
I laughed. 
"And because I was curious about how El was. And when I say I, I mean Louis, who has just climbed up to my bunk." 

Harry's POV 
"Hope I'm not interrupting," Louis laughed, taking the phone out of my hand, "How is she?" 
Jorgie answered as I grabbed the phone back and put it on loud speaker, making sure it was at a volume that wouldn't wake the other boys.
"She is sleeping at the moment so I'm not about to wake her," Jorgie answered.
"Make sure you ring me if anything happens." 
Jorgie laughed again, "Of course I will." 
Louis slid back off my bunk and I heard him scuffle to his own. 
"Harry?" I turned loud speaker off and pulled the phone back to my ear.
"I'm still here."
"Good. Aren't you tired yet?" Jorgie yawned as if on queue. 
"A little," I laughed, "You need to sleep."
She giggled on the other end of the line, "Yeah."
"Goodnight beautiful. I love you."
"Love you too Harry." 

Jorgie's POV 
"El, you have to calm down," I couldn't help but laugh. 
"I can't," she stood again, "I wanna jog or something." 
"You're gonna have that baby tonight." 
"You're not a psychic Jorgie," she laughed, walking into the kitchen.
"Wait for it," I smiled.

To: Sexy H ;) 
El's gonna have this baby. She is practically running around the house. She is ridiculously active hahaha :) 

From: Sexy H ;) 
I'll tell Louis :) Let us know if anything happens :) 

To: Sexy H ;) 
How far away are you?

From: Sexy H ;) 
I have no idea hahah About two hour plane ride. Louis is going to come anyway. 

To: Sexy H ;) 
Good :) I'll let you know :) 

"Who are you texting?" El tried to look over my shoulder. 
"My husband," I laughed, trying to sit her back down.  
"What does he think of your predictions?" 
"Your husband thinks that he should fly back."
"They have a show though."
"And the fans will get it."
She grumbled under her breathe, walking back upstairs.

No less than four hours later, Eleanor called my name from the bathroom, having gone to have a shower. 
"Is Louis back yet?" She called when I stood outside the door.
"He is at Heathrow. Why?" 
"My water just broke." Her voice cracked in the middle.
"Can I come in?" 
She unlocked the door and I entered. Eleanor had fresh pyjamas on but it was clear that her water had broken. 
"Come on," I ran back to her room and grabbed new pants, allowing her to pull them on, "We'll meet him at the hospital." 
An awkward laugh escaped her lips.

"Seriously?" Harry cheered on the other end of the line, "Are they still in there?"
"Well, babies don't just pop out Harry. They take time." 
"Very funny," he laughed, "Call Paul when you find out. I have to go on stage."
"Will do." 
I hung up sitting back in the waiting area as I waited for news. As I waited, Louis' mum and Eleanor's parents came into view, searching for me as Louis had told them too. I had met them at the wedding but they greeted me like family. Louis' sisters were also there, all jittery and excited. 
It was probably two hours that we waited, but the smile on Louis' face when he came out was worth it. 
"I have a son," he giggled awkwardly as everyone went to hug him. 
I congratulated him before ringing Paul quickly and going to see El.

"Meet Daniel Troy Tomlinson," El smiled as me and Louis' sisters went in. Their parents had gone in before hand. 
He was a big baby, not as small as Emily's twins had been. 
"Do the boys know?" Louis suddenly thought out loud.
"I got you covered," I laughed, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. 
"Thanks," he smiled, hugging me slightly. 
"You'll probably get a call when the show is over," Louis' sister Lottie laughed, "Knowing the boys, they'll want to know everything." 

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