4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


13. Special events

Harry's POV
"A new Tomlinson has been bought into the world," Niall cheered after Paul told us through our in ears. The crowd went crazy.
"And it's a boy," Liam laughed. 
We all danced excitedly around the stage, laughing as Niall and Liam fell to the floor, taking me with them. 
"How did you even predict that?" Niall laughed, sliding across the seat and more into the view of my laptop camera.
"My mum taught me," Jorgie smiled, "The day she had my sister, my dad thought she was going to start running laps."
Niall laughed again.
"Can we see him again?" Zayn was sat behind me, Liam behind Emily who was sat on the opposite side of me to Niall. 
"Fine," I heard Eleanor's voice as she came into view of the screen, a blue bundle in her arms. Louis scruffed Jorgie's head from behind the camera, making her frown and giggle all in one.
"That kid is going to be a terror if he is with his father too much," I said, which made Jorgie laugh even harder. 

"It is so good to be home," Harry threw himself onto the couch before bouncing back up, "But I need to go and see my godson." 
He grabbed my hand and pulled me straight back out the door, "We could've just gone straight there. And I guess that means that Louis told you that we're godparents." 
He opened my door as I slide into the passenger side of his Range Rover.
"What date are you going to America?"
"End of the month," He jumped into the car as he spoke, "Louis was pissed cause he isn't even here for the whole first month. It's making me worried that he might give up being in One Direction."
It was clear that he was worried. 
"Talk to him today. Just not in front of everyone." 

All the boys were pulling up when we got there. I jumped on Niall when I saw him. 
"Happy Birthday for the other day." 
He laughed hugging me back. Gracie was behind him and so were Liam and Emily with Peyton and Alexis. Zayn had come earlier, Perrie's car sitting in front of ours. 

The house was relatively loud when we walked in, Louis and Zayn's voices being the loudest as they done god-knows-what in the kitchen. Perrie and El were in the lounge, however, with baby Daniel in Perrie's arms.
"Oh, look at the little-" Liam stopped himself as Niall stared. 
"You have really gone soft on me Liam." 
"Really Niall?" Liam spun and Niall's face dropped, turning into laughter as he ran.
Harry smiled at them before taking one of the twins from the pram Emily had them in. 
"Come on Peyton. Come meet your cousin," he popped her on his lap as he sat next to Perrie.
Daniel was staring at her as she giggled, his mouth slightly open. He was adorable. 

"No, but if you had to pick between a Von-Trapp size family and touring the world, what would it be?" Perrie smiled at her own question. 
"I don't want a family that big," Liam laughed, bouncing Alexis on his lap.
"Yeah," Niall nodded, "Small family, keep touring." 
"Same," the other boys all nodded along.
"What about sex or food? If you could only have one," I looked at Harry. 
"Sex," he smiled and winked, making Liam make a face and laugh. 
"I can't decide," Niall shook his head. 
"Food," Perrie laughed, making us all break into fits of giggles.
"What about between," Emily paused for a moment to think and I looked at Louis, who had his eyes on the baby monitor he had refused to put down. Harry caught my gaze and looked at me curiously, apparently not understanding what a head flick in Louis' direction meant. Once he caught on, Harry stood and announced a sudden need for "fresh air" and went to walk outside, turning to ask Louis if he could come. 
"But what about," Louis held up the baby monitor and Eleanor scowled and grabbed it off him, sending him after Harry.  
"What are they talking about?" Liam looked at me.
I tried as hard as I could to shrug and act like I hadn't made it happen, failing to look nonchalant. 
"What?" Niall nudged me in the arm, "You're not telling us something."
"Harry was just worried this morning. Louis said some things and it made him worried."
Eleanor nodded, "He has been very down about having to go on tour again."
The boys hugged outside the window and walked back in, Louis mumbling something about Harry sticking to his word.
"Why is it so quiet in here?" Harry laughed as he sat back down, both boys clearly in better moods, making all of our stomachs ease.

"We're going to Australia at the end if this leg of the tour, okay?" Harry was throwing clothes into piles. To take, to wash, to leave. He had named all the piles. 
"Okay," I smiled to myself. It made me happy when it was Harry who thought about going to see my family. 
"Liam and Emily are coming too. We have to help clean out her apartment."
"Fun," I mumbled, re-reading the line in the book that my eyes were fixed on. 
"What about this one?" Harry held up a shirt, "Do you think people would judge me because it has holes in it?"
"More than likely," I laughed, "I think that will have to be a shirt you wear to bed."
He threw the shirt onto the growing pile of worn down shirts.
"You never asked what Louis said the other day."
That got my attention. I put the book on the bedside table and rolled onto my stomach, my head at the end of the bed.
"Go on," I smiled.
"Well, he did say that the thought had crossed his mind and it had made him feel really bad for even thinking about it. I made him a promise though that I would be the one that made sure that he got home to see Daniel grow up. I spoke to Paul and everyone and they agreed that we are getting to a point were everything can slow down. We are going to be given more time off and everything."
My face lit up and he smiled.
"And, I spoke to the contractors and all the house is pretty much repaired. They said that furnishing can happen as soon as the windows are fixed, so next couple of days."
"Come here for me," I beckoned Harry to the end of the bed and grabbed his shirt, pulling him to my level and kissing him. "Do you want to give me anymore amazing news?" 
"I think that's all," he smiled, his face still inches from my own.

Harry's POV 
"No, because I want her to understand that it's not just for Louis but it's for her as well. Jorgie never thinks anything is for her." 
Nick frowned at me, "Did you tell her that?" 
"No," I smirked at myself, "It means less if I tell her."
"Well, you leave again tomorrow until early December, don't you?"
"Yeah," I thought he was going somewhere.
"Well, I don't know," he threw his hands up, 
I laughed, returning to the writing I was doing.

"Liam's in the kitchen if you want him," Emily hugged me as I walked in. 
"I wanted to ask you something actually." 
She smiled, "About Jorgie?"
"Yeah," I smiled back and walked with her to the kitchen, "It's our anniversary when we get back off tour and I want to do something really personal for her. She doesn't understand that everything I do is more for her than anyone."
"Let's begin than," Emily pulled out a notepad and Liam peered over her shoulder, sandwich in hand.

It took us almost two hours and ten notepad pages to figure out and decide what I should do. I wanted it to be special.

"But I want to know that you'll be okay," I couldn't help but smirk at Jorgie as she stood in the doorway. 
"I'm not five Harry!" She tried to look grumpy but couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips. 
"So, I'm telling you now that we are going away just before Christmas when I get back. I will probably forget so you have to remind me." 
"Okay," she laughed again and pulled her dress over her head, going to change into pyjamas. 

"I'll miss you a lot." 
I watched as Jorgie bowed her head in the drivers side of the car. We had already said goodbyes but, like always, I was struggling to leave her. 
"If anything happens, call okay."
She frowned and looked up, nodding before I leaned in a gave a long kiss.
"I love you," I mumbled softly. 
"Love you too."

"Her mums sending it all," I answered Louis' question. Liam had brought up my big special plans for our anniversary and the boys had started questioning, knowing that I was the type of person who made a big deal out of things.
"It's Alexis and Payton's birthdays too when we get back. A whole year old," Liam was lost for a minute. 
"I don't like having to leave my family," Louis frowned and suddenly we all turned soppy. Niall was the only one with a happy-go-lucky spirit still, which was mainly due to the fact that Gracie was in the airport seeing him off.

Jorgie's POV 
"Hello pretty girls," Peyton looked up from her blocks and wiggled her arms at me, asking to be picked up. 
"They're starting to walk now. Peyton can do it alone, but Alexis needs a hand." 
I opened my mouth a little, shocked at how fast they were growing. 
"Alexis has said Liam though, which made me laugh because it was Liam, not Dad. We almost cried of laughter when she said it." 
"I can't believe how big they're getting. We have to take them to see mum." 
"Yeah," Emily sat next to me on the couch, handing me a cup of tea as I put Peyton down and she crawled back to Alexis and her blocks. "Mum calls everyday pretty much. She doesn't want to miss any good moments so she always rings and asks about them." 
"She always calls me and tells me," I laughed, "It's actually quite weird how much has changed in the last few years. I always have to step back for a moment."
"I still remember when you used to tell us you were going to move to England and fall in love and we all laughed at you. You proved us wrong." 
I smiled, thinking back to us all sitting in the living room, pizza on the coffee table and a stupid tv show on, talking about what we would do if we ever had a million dollars.
"I wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't moved."

"Babe," Harry looked curiously at me, "You don't look well." 
"I've been sick all day. I was fine when I got home from Emily's yesterday, but woke up feeling really...." I made a face to describe how I felt, "Have you been sick?" 
He shook his head, "Maybe you should go to the doctors, get some tablets." 
"I'll see how I feel in the morning."
"Promise me you'll go though," Harry frowned, looking up to the computer from his phone.
"Fine," I smiled. 
"It's only been three days and I'm already exhausted and I already miss home."
"Don't say that," I frowned, "You love touring." 
"To a point." He looked down again, something else distracting him.
"What's got you all distracted?" 
"I'm just sleepy," he looked up again, his eyes watery from tiredness.
"What time is it?"
"6pm," he frowned, "I'm going on stage in a couple of hours." 
"Have a nap then and I'll call Niall and let him know to wake you when they need you."
"This is why I love you," he smiled weakly.
"Love you too muffin," I smiled just before the screen went black. 
I groaned and turned the television on as my stomach flipped and made me feel gross.

"I just haven't stopped throwing up," I awkwardly laughed, El's laugh sounding as well on the opposite side of the phone. 
"Classy," she giggled.
"All day yesterday I had nausea, and I promised Harry I would go to the doctors but my bed is so comfortable." 
She laughed again.
"It's crap though cause you and Daniel were coming and now you can't." 
"When you feel better," she said as I heard the doorbell buzz. It made me groan, knowing I had to get out of bed. 
"I gotta get the door," I mumbled, "I'll call you later."'

"You should just call me anyway," Gemma sat on the opposite couch to me, "I am your sister-in-law. Even if you had a cold I would want to know." 
"I would've called but I was sleeping. I can't even be bothered to go to the doctors." 
"Do you want me to take you?"
"Maybe, and I'll shout you and Patrick lunch on the way home." 
"Well, go have a shower and we'll go."

"So it only might be a stomach bug?" 
Gemma laughed at my annoyance at the lack of answers doctors always gave. 
"It could be a number of different viruses. The thing is, you show no signs of a stomach flu apart from the vomiting and nausea and the tiredness, but those are also signs of other sicknesses which is why I want to do a blood test, just to be sure."
I nodded, allowing him to take my arm and jab needles into it.

Harry's POV 
"Harry," Niall looked across the stage at me, walking as he called out, "I think that we need to add a word in there, like a 'Woo' or a 'Yeah', like how you used to for More than This." 
I nodded, fixing my in-ear as the band started again. My phone buzzed in my pocket but I ignored it for the time being, seeing that it was Gemma as I checked. 

"What's up?" I asked as I phoned her back straight after the rehearsal.
"Geez, take your time next time," she laughed awkwardly. 
"I was in rehearsal," I laughed, "What's the matter?" 
Niall sat on the seat next to me, the other boys heading off backstage.
"I took Jorgie to the doctors."
"And..?" I tried to nudge her to tell me what had happened. "What does she have? Just a stomach flu?"
Niall looked up, attempting to listen in to the conversation.
"No, but they don't know exactly so they ran some blood test which will be back in an hour."
I was hoping for relief but didn't get it, "So, any idea? Or just they have no idea?" 
"Well Harry, they are doctors, and they know what they are doing."
"Call me when you find out then."
"Okay, I'll get Jorgie to call you."
"Thanks Gem," I hung up
"What's the matter?" Niall looked worried.
"They had to run a blood test and they'll find out in a few hours."
"I thought it was just a bug."
"So did I." 

Jorgie's POV

"But they told me it was almost impossible," I sat down, my jaw slacking.
"The term almost is a very strong word. I do need to run an ultrasound, just so you are clear on everything." 
Gemma gripped my shoulder as I sat on the doctors chair, "Will there be difficulties?" 
"Yes, but as your blood test results say, you are pregnant."  

"About five weeks along," I looked down at my stomach and back up at the small ultrasound that they had printed out for me. It was barely a baby, just a blob.
"You've got to skype Harry," Gemma smiled.
"What if I lose it Gemma? What if this is someone playing a trick on me?" Tears started to form in my eyes.
"Stop worrying and just tell Harry. It'll make it better."
"He has a show in a few hours, doesn't he?"
"I don't think that matters right now," she laughed, nudging me towards my bedroom.

Harry's POV 
"What do you mean a dilemma?" I raised an eyebrow, trying to show the concern I felt on my face.
"You don't need to have an operation, do you?" I interrupted.
"I don't know yet, but..."
"How don't you know?" 
"Just let me finish Harry. Are you with the boys?"
"Hello," She laughed as Niall popped his head into the view of the camera from behind my laptop.
"Yeah, do you want me to go somewhere more private?" I started to stand.
"No, they'll find out anyway."
All the boys gathered around me, the dressing room apparently getting even more crowded. 
"Well.." Louis pushed.
"Okay, Harry, I would like you to meet our son or daughter," Jorgie smiled, holding up an ultrasound image.
My jaw dropped, the boys all cheering behind me.
"But what about all the problems. They said we couldn't." 
"A miracle. I was going to surprise you when I come out to America but I couldn't wait."
"I'm glad you couldn't."

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