4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


8. Showdown

"I like how easy you assume it will be," Harry laughed as he held a fork full of food near his mouth. 
"You're a guy, I'm sure you can figure out how to install something like that." 
"If I'm not electrocuted first." 
I had a sip of my glass of soft drink before responding. 
"If you don't die, I'll make you feel better." 
His eyes squinted in a playful smile. 
"Don't tempt me gorgeous." 
I laughed at his subtle wink. 

We got ice cream on our walk back to the apartment, Harry picking the flavours. 
"I'll call the electrician tomorrow, see whether I can get him to fix the power before I go on tour."
"Thank you," I smiled, curling my arms around his neck as we stood in the elevator, "I still think you and the boys could have done it." 
He started laughing at me laughing. 
"Well, I can't do that for you, sorry. I can do other things for you though." 
"I like the sound of that," I laughed, pressing my lips to his jawline. 

"The date has been decided!"my eyes widened as I propped myself up on the bed, "Is it really almost done?" 
"Next month," Harry nodded as he looked through his drawers. 
"That means you'll have to leave me." I know that my face resembled that of a puppy. 
"Not forever, I couldn't last that long." 
I smiled and stared as he walked over to the bed with a box in his hand. I knew he had decided to spoil me tonight and now I knew why. 

Album releases hit us first. Us girls went to the first party but bailed on the rest, spending each night in Emily's living room with a bowl of chips and a soppy movie.
Harry was always home when I got there as well, claiming that he had to do something different each night, which ended up being watching tv show box sets with me. 

I wasn't prepared when it was the boys time to leave for the tour. I spent the night before wrapped up in Harry's body, him leaving me needing him more. 

"But I don't think I need it," Harry laughed as he opened the boot of the car. 
"You can't survive that long without it," I raised my eyebrows, laughing along with him. 
I pulled the handle of his suitcase, sliding it out of the car. 
"How about, when I come next week, I bring your laptop?" 
"Lifesaver," he laughed, kissing my head. 

All the boys were in their bunks on the bus already, everyone else hovering about. It was kind of like school camp, but with grown ups. 

"One week," I smiled as Harry gripped my hands. 
He pressed his forehead to mine and let me go, opening the door to the car and closing it behind me, his frown unmoving. 

It was the next day that I got sick. I jumped out of bed, sprinting for the bathroom. Even the sickness made me smile though, a sign of hope. Eleanor took me to the doctor, making sure that I wasn't alone and sick. 

The stomach flu? I probably yelled at the doctor when he said that, not meaning to. My hopes were high. 
I couldn't help my emotions when Harry rang, wondering how I was. He knew immediately that it wasn't what we hoped. 
"It's okay Jorgie. Just breathe," he mumbled into the phone.
"But," I sobbed, "I just, so badly, wanted it to be that."
"There are options babe. We can always look at surrogates or adopt-" 
The line cut out and it made me cry harder, the struggle of his absence and the emotions tuning through me too overwhelming. 

"No," I cut off my mum as she mumbled about her life, "Mum, I'm trying to tell you something." 
I took a deep breathe, "I might not be able to have kids. I might not be able to." 
I broke down as I spoke. I was yet to tell my mum that. She also broke down, a sob sounding over the speaker. 
"I just feel like I'm failing at being a woman. What else am I good for?" 
My mum got mad at my train of thoughts, "Never say that! You are good for a lot of things!"

After a long phone conversation, I noticed the text that had come through my phone while we were talking. Niall, Niall, Harry, Niall, Emily. What did Niall want? 

From: Nialler :) 
Jorgie, can you please go over to my apartment? I need your help! 

To: Nialler :) 
Help? With what? 

From: Nialler :) 
Gracie is there. 

I ran for the car at that point. I don't even know why I was running. 

It was quiet when I got to the apartment building, Niall being the only permanent occupant. I took the elevator and was only slightly prepared to find two women having a face off behind the door. Gracie looked confused when I walked in, just staring at Amy, her face questioning what the girl was saying.
"He didn't care about you? He loves me," Amy had a dinner plate in her hand and was waving it around before throwing it near Gracie's feet and grabbing another. 
"From what I've heard, you use him! For sex, for money?" 
Smash. Another plate. 
"STOP!" I jumped between them, grabbing the new plate from Amy's hands.
I was right about knowing her. It was the Amy from my high school, which made me wonder what a small world this was. 
"Jorgie?" Her eyebrows raised. 
"Amy Savid? You haven't changed, have you?" 
Gracie was glancing between us. 
"It what sense?" Amy had a smirk on her face. 
"Using people, and all that. Niall is my one of my closest friends so don't think I haven't spoken to him." 
"Are you still holding grudges from high school?" Her laugh echoed of the walls. 
"I never had a grudge against you in high school. Why would I?" I raised my eyebrows. 
"Oh please Jorgie. I was the popular kid, you were the nerd. Even I know that I bullied you to no end." Her voice was so sinister. 
"Well, apparently I've changed. Clearly you haven't." 
"Amy, I think you should go and don't come back," I stared her down, not about to let myself back down. 
"Niall will be pissed at you two," she gazed from me to Gracie. 
"I highly doubt that," I laughed, moving to the door and opening it for her, signalling her exit. 
She shoved past my as she moved out the door, huffing and clearly frustrated by her own defeat. Gracie and I smiled at each other once the door was closed behind her. 
"You should ring Niall," I smiled, "He was worried about you."  

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