4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


5. Reigning in the new year

"It is still too early for me to be thinking about that?" I mumbled, my eyes fluttering as I curled into the warmth of the throw blanket. 
"It's 8o'clock," Harry pulled me by my waist towards him. 
"And still too early," I added. 
"Go to sleep for a few hours. Emily did," Liam threw himself on the opposite lounge. 
"I'll wake you when we need to go," Harry said, letting me lay along the lounge. 
Liam said something else but my eyes were already closed, my head pressed against Harry's thigh. 

"Jorgie," I felt a nudge I my shoulder. 
"Jorgie," Someone else hit my foot. 
"CAN YOU TWO GET UP?" Louis' voice sent alarms through my head as I shot off of the couch. 
All three boys that stood before me were laughing, Zayn, Niall and Louis moving to where Liam had sat before. 
"What time is it?" I yawned. 
"Eleven," Niall smiled.
"Are we going again?" Harry stretched his arms up in the spot next to me. 
"Yeah," they all stood again. 

"These people start new year way too early," Eleanor looked out the window as we sat around and waited. 
"It's almost six El," Emily laughed, pulling herself up. "I might just..." She grabbed her phone from her pocket.
"Leave it," Liam frowned, jumping up and grabbing her phone, "They are fine. Just enjoy this night with me?" 
She smiled as he slide her phone back into her jacket pocket. 
"We gotta go," I stood and lead the way to our meeting point. 

"It's so crowded," Liam laughed as we pushed our way through the crowd. Arms grabbed as we made our way to the car. 
"Just keep pushing," Zayn said, flailing his arms as Perrie grabbed his waist from behind. 
"Wait for us," she laughed. 
"Andy called and told me to grab more vodka," Louis laughed as he met us at the car. 
"Harry, how many did you buy?" I turned as he slid in behind me. 
"Five," he laughed, "How did they go through it already?" 
We all burst into laughter.
"I have a feeling we are going to need to drink fast to catch up to everyone at ours," I laughed. 
"Speaking of drinking," I looked at El as she turned to Louis, "Kind of sad that I can't tonight." 
Everyone else clicked automatically, cheers erupting through the car. 
"That is so exciting," Perrie smiled, clapping her hands together. 

"It's nice that it's just us up here," Harry mumbled, his fingers interlocking with mine. 
The city lights glowed in the darkness, the party's in the street below us quite distinct.
"It is," I mumbled, pressing the back if my head into his shoulder, "We barely come up here." I felt his legs shift under mine, a buzzing coming from his pocket. 
"We always seem to be disturbed by my phone," he laughed, "I know it's my mum." 
"How long has this been up here?" 
Harry spun his head at the same time as me, Eleanor and Liam coming through the door, a stumbling Louis in their arms and Emily carrying water behind them. 
"Sorry for disturbing," Liam laughed, "Press everywhere and the lobby told us to use the rooftop." 
"How much has he had?" Harry laughed as the others placed him on the lounge chair next to us. 
"It's fucking new year!" He almost screamed. 
"Shh," I laughed, "You aren't going to make it to new year if you keep drinking." 

"10," everyone was yelling when we returned to the party, "9," Harry and the others joined, "8," someone had the TV on, counting down, "7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." I spun to Harry, him taking my face as we shared a new year kiss. Straight after everyone was jumping and hugging each other. The excitement was contagious. 

"Bed," Harry mumbled, his body swaying as I stood next to him. 
"Yeah, it's 5am and I'm tired," I pulled his arm towards the bedroom. 
Bodies were strewn across the apartment, people crashing on any soft surface.
"But I want to go back on the roof," Harry tugged me back again, making me laugh at how much weaker alcohol made him. 
"It's snowing," I smiled, taking his face in my hands, "Please? Everyone is asleep anyway." 
He frowned but let me lead him into our bedroom. 

I woke at around 7 to see Niall sneaking out as I walked towards the bathroom. 
"Where are you going?" I mumbled. 
He jumped almost ten foot at the sound of my voice 
"Sorry," he stumbled over his words, "I have to go and pick someone up from the airport." 
I stared at him for a second but shook my head anyway and turned, "I'll see you later," I called, the sound of the door shutting behind me. 

"You okay?" I mumbled as I slide back into the bed, Harry's face turned to me, staring in awe. 
"I'm about 90% sure that I'm still drunk," he laughed. I shook my head and grabbed his arm to wrap around my waist as I fell asleep again. 

"I'm guessing your motherly instincts are already kicking," I laughed as I walked out to Emily and Eleanor cleaning the apartment, "I could've done that." 
"We thought we would get it done early.
"Thanks," I mumbled, throwing myself into the soft cushions on the couch.
"What's the plans today?" Eleanor lifted my legs to sit under them. 
"Sleep?" I laughed. 
"Well, everywhere a closed so.. We could just watch movies?" Emily suggested. 
"Is Liam's mum taking care of the girls for the whole day?" 
"Yeah," She smiled, "I'd imagine she is spoiling them too. We seem to come home with fifty times more stuff."
"I'm voting movie day," I laughed. We all sprawled across the lounges, Perrie joining us as we claimed the comfy surfaces.

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