4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


6. Niall's troubles

"I can't believe it's that time again," I frowned as Harry stood behind me, "I mean, it's so much pressure on you." 
"Not really," he laughed, "It's just that the song writing is time consuming." 
"And the touring," I added, "And the photo shoots. I could keep going." 
He shook his head, stirring the pot of noodles that I had rejected in my distraction. 
"I know, but it's what I do." 
"I know," I grabbed the spoon off of him again and continued to stir. 
"How about we make use of the time we have?" He lips made their way to neck, hands to my hips and the button of my jeans. 
"How about not cause Perrie and Zayn are here?" 
Perrie's voice almost made me leap forward onto the counter. Harry chuckled into my ear before removing his body from mine. 
"You all have such terrible timing," he laughed, making Zayn and Perrie leave the kitchen, leaving me to do up my jeans and pull the noodles off of the stove. 

"They wanted to know what roof tiles we wanted. And the bathroom tiles as well, so they could organise them to be sent out in a couple of weeks. I told them the ones you picked," Harry threw the house phone onto the unused couch as I sat up and he climbed back onto the cushion behind me, his knee bent next to my body as I leaned back and rested my head on his chest. 
"Zayn! Can you please just pick one?" I laughed as he scanned through the DVDs, he glared at me in a playful manner and finally lifted the DVD in his hand.

"Can you not?" I laughed softly as Harry's hands trickled along my spine. 
"No," he smiled, his knee propped against the back of the lounge. 
"I'm trying to watch the movie," I laughed again, using his knee to pull my body from between his legs. 
"If you two want us to leave," Zayn laughed, Perrie and his gaze on us and not on the movie that we had put on. 
"Well," Harry tilted his head. 
"No," I laughed, "Harry will just have to deal with his urges." 
That line made Zayn almost choke of laughter.
"We know who controls the zipper," Perrie laughed. 

It was an hour before we were alone, Perrie having to go to a meeting. 
"We have time now." 
I laughed at Harry's eagerness, running towards nowhere until his hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me towards him. It felt whimsical how he treated me, even when he was like this. 
"Are you always turned on?" I laughed. 
"Only when you're around," he smiled, his lips on mine as he lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist and carrying me through to our bedroom. 

"Do I become a mother when you two are writing?" I walked back out of the kitchen, Harry and Niall sprawled on the floor, guitar in Niall's hand, pen and paper in Harry's. 
"Kinda," Niall laughed, grabbing a bowl of noodles out of my hands, "Thanks." 
Harry's head was buried in the notepad he held, letting me place the bowl next to him. 
"I haven't seen you since New Year Niall," I sat myself on the couch, "Where have you been?" 
He swallowed his food before answering, "I went back home for a little but I was also with a friend." 
He smiled a big toothy smile, knowing that I knew the girl wasn't just a friend. 
"Do the boys know about her?" 
He shook his head then burst into laughter, amazed at how oblivious Harry was to this conversation. 
"It's not official yet." 
I let out a little groan, throwing my head back, "What is with people and making it official? The minute me and Harry kissed, it was kinda made official. I don't recall anyone having to ask the other out, like we were in high school."
"That's why it isn't working," Niall frowned, continuing to eat his food even as he spoke, she is a flight attendant so she doesn't want to make it official because, for one, she likes her privacy and her job, and because she can't always promise faithfulness cause she is away for so long." 
"That's petty." His jaw practically dropped at my words. "Niall, if a girl can't promise to be faithful, she usually isn't. I just don't want to see you hurt because she found some other guy to roll around with. It is that girl, Amy, that we're talking about, right?" 
He looked up shocked, realisation hitting him within a minute. I apparently had better memory than him. 
"The hotel?" He raised his eyebrows.
I nodded, "I remember her name because what I saw of her reminds me of my friend Amy from high school. Wait, so that was like six months ago?" 
He thought about it for a second and nodded. 
"Niall," I dragged out his name, "No. I feel like I should be having this conversation with a girl because it is usually the guy who leads the girl on. If she doesn't want to make anything official after six months, it is not worth it. She is not worth it." 
"What are you guys talking about?" Harry finally looked up, a line of pen smudged on his lip, making both Niall and I crack up in laughter.

"No! I said that I want wanted the white bricks. They were number 187, not 137. And the doors were picked a while ago, they were meant to be sent at the same time as the bricks." 
Harry leaned against the front of the car, laughing, as I paced around the empty work site, a few wooden frames being our starting point, what the contractors had been working on for the past few days. 
"Thank you. I really appreciate that. Within the next week." I was answering the man with short answers, more than a little frustrated that their company had sent the wrong things. 

When I walked back to the car, Harry pulled himself up and grabbed my hand, leading me through the site once more, out past it, to the open space that was due to be our backyard. It had an amazing view. We weren't far from the centre of London, far enough that it wasn't busy city life, but close enough to be able to see everything the heart had to offer. 
I smiled as the Big Ben struck 6, making a noise that was fairly quiet from where we stood, which was a change from how it echoed though the city. 
"This is amazing," I pulled Harry to the ground with me, sitting on a patch of cold grass.
Harry laughed at his own reaction and then turned to me. We were facing each other like two little kids on the play ground, our legs crossed, his knees slightly touching mine.
"What do you want for your birthday? It's in two days and I still don't know." 
"This is enough," I smiled, my hands hitting his thighs, "I couldn't ask for anything more from you." 
"How about a, umm, a-" 
I cut him off, putting my hand on his mouth, "Stop. I don't want anything." 
"But I want to-" His voice mumbled by my hand.
"Harry, you bought me a house for Christmas. I have you and that's enough for me." 
I smiled as he finally gave up, his tongue licking the palm of my hand. I laughed and let I fall to his thigh again.

Harry accepted my requests for my birthday, ordering in Chinese food and watching DVDs all day, only leaving to go and buy snacks. 

The next day, all the boys were in the studio, recording new music. For me, it was a day spent shopping. Eleanor was with me, wearing a bigger shirt than usual because she was paranoid about her baby bump. It made me laugh, although I was upset at the same time. It had been two months. How long did we have to try for?
"Me and Lou were trying for about two or three weeks before it worked for us. It doesn't always happen." 
"I just feel like it's me. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon. I booked it when the boys were in the studio so I could go without Harry just because I'm scared its going to be bad news and I don't really want him worrying about that right now." 
"Do you want me to come?" She looked like she understood and I nodded, thankful for her friendship at a time like this. 

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