4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


9. Meeting up

Eleanor and I met up with the boys after a week of the tour, going to see one of their shows. I laughed when Niall ran off the bus and hugged me first.
"Thank you so much," he mumbled into my ear, "I owe you big time." 
"I expect a present," I laughed, "Where's Harry?" 
Liam had followed Niall out, and Eleanor was talking to Louis already. Zayn had followed Louis and was talking to one of the security guys. All the other boys were here. 
"I think he was sleeping," Niall patted my back and wandered over to where Zayn was. 

The bus was dead quiet with all the boys outside. I could see one closed curtain to one of the beds and knew it was Harry because of the familiar soft little snore that was coming from it. He stretched when I pulled the curtain back, his eyes not opening and his snores not stopping. 
I pushed his body over a little and climbed up into the bunk next to him, pecking him softly on the jaw. 
"Well," he mumbled in a sleepy voice, "I was not expecting that." 
I giggled as his eyes opened and his arm curled around me, spooning me. 
He was asleep straight away, which made me smile as he softly breathed against my cheek, his arm still tightly around me. I was bound to fall if I tried to get off the bunk myself. I wasn't tired enough to sleep. 
The curtain behind me moved as someone walked past. I'd heard Niall's voice and said his name softly. 
The curtain moved again as his head appeared. 
"Can you help me?" I laughed. 
He smiled and grabbed my waist, pulling me off the bed and landing me on the floor softly. 
Niall grinned at Harry's soft grumble when I moved, clearly not liking the idea of my warmth leaving him. 
"Wanna watch a movie on the other bus?"
"Yeah," I nodded, following Niall back off the bus. 

Harry's PoV 
I woke to Liam's face in mine. He laughed as  I moved my face back and whacked it on the bus wall. 
"What the?" I mumbled. 
"Jorgie sent me to get you." 
"What for?" I said as I sat up and attempted to stretch in the small space. 
"I don't know. She just said 'Hey Liam, Can you go and get Harry?'" He mocked Jorgie's voice terribly and it made me laugh. 
"Where is she?" 
"Other bus. They were watching a movie." I slid out of the bunk and pulled some pyjama pants on before leaving the bus.
The girls that were around the fence had doubled, reminding me about the show tonight. It was still light outside so it was probably about 1pm. I looked at my phone and was right. The other bus was loud and I could hear a mixture of Niall and Jorgie's laughter straight away, both of them having the loudest laughs in the world.
"I hear a pretty blonde person at the back of this bus," I joked, laughing as Niall stood and cat walked down the corridor. 
He laughed and patted my back as he jumped off the bus. 
Jorgie smirked at me when I reached the back, her face happy that I was finally awake. 
"You sent for me ma'am," I grinned. 
She smiled, a soft laugh escaping her pink lips, and I bent down kissing her softly. The movie was still playing, the sound of The Hangover echoing throughout the bus. She didn't let me go, pulling me to the couch with her, our lips staying connected. My hands gripped at the bottom of her denim shorts, sliding along her hip and tracing the hem of the floral shirt she was wearing. 
"We aren't walking in on anything I hope," Zayn's voice sounded from the doorway behind me, the noise of people behind him.
I pulled myself up, Jorgie biting her lip to hide her smile. 
"Are you guys watching this because we want to play Xbox?" Josh and Dan stood behind Zayn and smiled as they all stole the little room at the bak of the buses privacy. 
"I guess we're not," I laughed, shaking my head and pulling myself back up to my feet, grabbing hold of Jorgie's hands and pulling her up with me. 
"Piggyback?" I tempted Jorgie onto my back. 
"Do you want a broken back?" She laughed, pushing my arms away. 
"I will hurt you if you think that," I turned, trying to keep my face stern. I hated the fact that she still had these insecurities about herself. 
"Maybe I want you to hurt me," she smirked, grabbing at my jaw with her fingers, her hand running over the stubble that I must have missed whilst shaving. "You missed a patch," she giggled and pulled herself up to my level, kissing my jaw. 
"We really need to book into a hotel tonight," I laughed awkwardly, realising the door to the back room was still open and the boys had slack jaws at our conversation and obvious need for each other.  
She smiled and dropped her hand.
"Up," I turned and tried to make her jump on my back again. 
"Why?" She whined, her arms wrapping around my neck. 
"Because I want to carry you," I let out a laugh, bending down and grabbing her thighs to pull her up onto my back. 

Jorgie's POV 
The sun was only just starting to set as we hoped off the bus, Harry stumbling forward as he jumped down onto the concrete, almost making his idea of a piggyback ride fatal. 
"Harry," Paul called before we started towards the other bus. 
I laughed and screamed as Harry spun way too fast and almost flung me off of his back, his laughter making his whole body vibrate. 
"Key card," Paul made his way over to us, a couple of small cards in his hand. 
Harry looked up at my face and we both shared a look that made us both smirk at each other again. 
"You need to be inside in 40 minutes as well. The show starts in 2 and a half hours." 
"Sure thing," Harry nodded and turned back to the bus again, Louis and Eleanor jumping off in front of us. 
"Hey guys," Louis smiled, a bag over his shoulder. 
"Room?" I nodded and they both grinned. 
"Paul is a legend," Harry laughed. 

"No Niall," I laughed, pulling myself up onto the table, "You're skills will never be as good as mine. Go Harry." 
He lobbed the gummy bear across the room and it landed in my open mouth. Laughing, he ran across the room and we high-fived. 
"Do you two, like, practice that when you are bored?" Zayn shook his head, smiling. 
Harry threw himself onto the couch on his stomach and I took the opportunity to leap up and jump on top of him. He groaned and tried to roll, but I wouldn't let him, playing with the curls at the nape of his neck. Louis then took the opportunity to jump on top of me and Niall followed lead, making us all topple of the couch and onto the floor, rolling around in laughter. 
"You are all idiots," Lou joked, making Liam turn his head as she attempted to trim his hair and style it. 

After the show, Harry ran back to the bus to grab some things whilst I headed straight to the hotel. Louis and Eleanor walked ahead of me and I laughed at how cute they were. Louis was trying to be subtle but he couldn't take his eyes off of her, and Eleanor herself was glowing, her pregnancy making her the happiest person alive. 
"Wait up," Harry called from the doorway of the building just as we were about to get into the lift. 

"It's been a week Harry," I smiled, pushing a lock of hair out of his face as he laid back on the bed, me seated facing him, "What are you going to be like when we don't see each other for a month." 
"God save us all," He joked. 
"Well, I will try to come when Emily brings the twins down but I'm not making promises." He pursed his lips at me. "Don't make that face," I laughed, flicking his chin with my finger. 
A knock on the door made me jump up, letting the room service guy drop off the dinner we had ordered. 

Harry's POV 
Jorgie sat at the end of the bed as I went to shower. She had my phone in one hand and hers in the other.
"What are you doing?" I glanced at the screens, colourful images on the screen, clearly a game that she was playing. 
"I ran out of coins so your sending me some," she answered, no hint of a joke in her voice. 
A silly smirk appeared on her face as I laughed. 
"Don't judge me for it," she frowned, her other features showing her inside laughing. She grabbed the towel that was around my waist and pulled me to the bed, her other hand playing with the wet her at the back of my neck as she pulled my face to hers, allowing me to prop my body above hers. 
"I've been lonely without you," Jorgie mumbled, her eyes looking down, as if she was thinking. 
"So have I. Not the same type of lonely, I imagine," I smiled, rubbing my fingers along her jawline, prompting a kiss out of her. "And I don't want you to feel lonely without me. Just know that I'm always thinking of you, and it drives me crazy at points because I can't come back to you all the time." 
"I think I let it get to me too much," she nodded, pulling me down for a deeper kiss. 
The kissing got more intense, making me hard and she knew it, playfully taking her time to unbutton her shorts and slide them off. 
"Always a tease," I shook my head in laughter. 
The towel was lost when she rolled me over on to my back, allowing her to pull her own shirt over her head, her hair elastic being taken with it, her hair flowing down over her shoulder. I rolled us again, sticking to the top as I unclipped her bra and pulled it off.

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