4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


1. Honeymoon

Man and wife. Mrs Styles. It hit me as I stared at the sparkling jewellery on the fourth finger on my left hand. 
The bathroom that I stepped into took all of my attention. It was dirty and gross. I avoided touching anything as I pulled off the small dress that had been under my wedding dress. I unfolded the pile in my hand carefully and held my clothes between my knees as I attempted to dress.

"Harry, where are you taking me?" I asked as I got back into the car. He glanced at my baggy white jumper over my tights, smiling at his choice of outfit. "You made me get changed in a petrol station bathroom, now I at least deserve to know where you are taking me." 
"You were shivering in that dress. You had no other option." 
"Just let me know," I leaned to attempt to look at the GPS. 
"No," he laughed, hiding it with one of his hands as he moved the car back onto the highway. 

It was another few hours, around 5am, when I faintly heard the GPS say that we had reached our destination. Harry was still wide awake but I could feel my eyes drooping. 
"Don't you fall asleep on me," he lifted me from the car, pulling me back to consciousness. 
"Where are we?" I looked at his face, a few inches away from mine. 
He nodded his head and started walking towards the little cottage. It was surrounded with plants and snow covered the ground around it, along with the roof. It was only tiny, but it was perfect. 
"It's ours," he smiled, "I bought it as our little getaway home." 
"It's..." I was lost for words, all I could do was hold his cold cheeks and pull his face towards mine as he carried me in the door. 

Harry started a fire before going and getting bags from the car, insisting that I stay in the warmth when I went to help him. 
The inside of the cottage was as perfect as the outside. It felt like a home made for a Disney princess in hiding. I felt like if I started singing, the birds and deers would come in and join me. 

I curled up on the floor in front of the fire, a blanket around my shoulders, waiting for Harry's presence to be known. 
I felt it less than five minutes later, Harry's legs wrapping themselves around my own, his black jeans sliding against my tights. He turned my body to face him with no effort, the material of my tights sliding on the floorboards. I took his face in my hands again, his hands sliding towards my back, pulling me into him. 

"Keep me warm," I mumbled as the blanket slide off of my shoulders, Harry's hands sliding up my jumper. 
"It would be easier if you were naked," he winked, laughing as I hit him. 
I pulled his body back towards mine. 
"Doesn't this remind you of the night in the bungalow?" Harry mumbled between pressing his lips to my neck. 
I laughed softly, "Not quiet yet."
He laid my body on top of the fallen blanket and slide my jumper off, a shiver running through my body, Harry holding his body a few inches above mine. I moved my hands to his waistline, pulling his shirt over his head. He went straight back to work once I had it off. 

Harry was right. Once I was naked, the whole atmosphere was at least 40 degrees, making our skin slide with the intimacy of our bodies. 
Harry kept his lips pressed to my face and neck, giving me love bites every so often, making me moan into his shoulder as he connected our hips. I felt him smile against my lips as my legs tightened around him, everything obviously tightening with them. He moaned as he kept moving. I gripped his hair as I let it go, moaning into his shoulder. 

Harry's POV 
I picked her up off of the floor and carried her into the bedroom, a small whimper escaping her lips. The morning light was bright so I shut the curtain and curled into the bed next to her.

Jorgie's POV 
It was evening when we woke, the sun not yet setting but sitting low in the sky. 
"Why doesn't all the snow melt in the sun Harry?" I asked from my stance by the window, the sheet wrapped around my body, "I've never asked you that but I always wondered." 
"Next time I contact the weather, I'll be sure to find out," he mocked, standing behind me and pressing lips to my neck. 
"Is it because of the temperature?" I was still curious. 
He laughed and nodded, resting his chin so that our faces were almost cheek to cheek, staring out onto the frozen lake. 
"Do you want some food?" He mumbled, his hands finding mine. 
I nodded, following him to the small kitchen, laughing as he attempted to put boxers on while he was walking. 

I had no idea what he was cooking for me. He kept grabbing whatever he could find, insisting that we would have to head into town just to buy food. 
"Harry, where's the bathroom?" I looked around curious. 
"Through the bedroom. You'll find it if you're in there." 
I stood and walked over to him, my hand on his lower back as I leaned up and kissed his cheek. 
"I'm just going to have a quick shower." 
He nodded continuing his work. 

I still had pins in my hair from last night, digging in to my scalp as my hair had messed. My makeup was all smudged. I looked like a bit of a mess. 
The warm water removed the knots that had formed in my hair, I shampooed it and scrubbed my face with my hands before conditioning my hair. I felt fresh. 

The sun was setting when I walked back into the kitchen, the temperature of the cottage dropping a little. Harry had started the fire again, pulling the lounge closer to it and he had put a movie on the TV that sat above the fireplace. He was already sat on the lounge, bowl in hand. 
Harry handed a bowl to me as I sat. It actually tasted good for what he ha thrown into it. 
"What are we watching?" I asked, staring at the warnings that were at the start of movies. 
"Love Actually," he smiled.
I hadn't crossed my mind until then that it was Christmas in a week. 

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