4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


4. Early new year

"I can't tell you," I shook my head, helping Harry grab the presents from the bag. 
"But I want to know," Emily frowned, holding the door for us. 
"Well, I've been told to hold my tongue." 
Harry chuckled as Emily closed the door behind us. 
"If I call Eleanor, I'm sure she'll tell me."
"She won't," Harry laughed, walking into the living room, "They won't tell you until everyone is together." 
"But I want to know," she groaned and we followed her into the backroom where my parents were sat with other members of my family. Liam walked in as we said hello to everyone, Peyton in a very cute pink dress in his arms. 
"Merry Christmas," I hugged him and kissed the baby's head, "Where's Alexis?" 
He pointed upstairs with his free hand, "Upstairs, sleeping." 
I nodded and made my way back into living room as my phone rang. 
"Jorgie," It was Gemma, "We're out the front." 
"Give me two seconds."

Harry was out the door with me. 
"I swear you grow every week," Harry laughed as he picked Patrick up.
"Uncy Harry," he giggled. 
"Merry Christmas," I hugged Anne, Robin and Gemma as we made our way inside. 
Everyone was there now. 

"Me and Liam are technically almost related now," Harry laughed, "I mean, he is like my brother anyway, but that is so cool." 
I shook my head and held up my fork, "I didn't ever think I would be spending this much time with my sister either." 
"But it is fun," Emily laughed. 
We all were say around one big dining table, talking to everyone and amongst ourselves. You could feel happiness in the room.
"Pesents?" Patrick called when I stood. 
"Soon buddy," I laughed. 

I was watching the sky darkening outside the kitchen window when a pair of cold hands grabbed the skin showing above my jeans. I almost jumped ten foot and Harry chuckled from behind me, sliding his hands down to my waist. 
"What are you thinking about?" He asked, spinning my body to face him. 
"You," I mumbled, pressing my forehead to his. 
"Yeah," he smiled, "What about me?" 
"About how good your lips taste." 
"Really?" He chuckled. 
He pressed his lips to mine without hesitation, kissing me slowly until a throat cleared behind him. He pulled back and smiled, turning to face Emily and Liam. 
"Hello," I laughed. 
Emily smiled and shook her head, "It's present time."

"Have you thought about kids?" My mum asked as I sat between her and Anne. 
"I'm being swarmed, aren't I?" 
"No," Anne laughed, "We both have grandchildren so we aren't worried." 
"Well, I know that we have both thought about it but we haven't discussed it." 
They both smiled at each other. 
"Don't you two start planning anything," Harry laughed, having overheard the conversation. 
"Either way, I think we should do the house first." 

"Have you thought about it?" Harry asked later in the night. We were helping Liam put the dishes away. 
"'Course I have. I just think we should wait a little while." 
"Don't," Liam mumbled, interrupting our conversation, "Sorry, but in my opinion, don't try but don't not try. Trying leads to disappointment, but you should have kids at some point." 
I could see Harry smiling. 
"Yeah," I nodded, "that's sounds right." 
We all smiled and Liam walked awkwardly back out of the kitchen. 
"You want to go," Harry asked, pointing towards the door. I laughed and nodded. 

We got back to the flat and threw our stuff onto the floor near the door. I stretched and Harry grabbed my waist before pushing my hair to the side and having at my neck, leaving my hand to grab roughly at his hand that still grabbed my waist, removing it to let me turn. I felt the couch behind me as he held my body to his, kissing me passionately. 
We almost fell back onto the lounge but I shook my head, redirecting us to the bedroom. He chuckled and grabbed my thighs, lifting me easily and carry me to the bedroom. 

"Are you sure? I don't want to force you to," Harry mumbled as he brushed a hand through his hair and leaned back down towards me on the bed. 
"Harry," I grabbed his face in my hands, "If I say yes, I mean yes." 
He nodded, smiling to himself.

"Why would it be any different?" I laughed softly, rubbing a hand along the length of Harry's arm. 
"I mean, I don't know. Do you feel weird?" 
I chuckled again as I brushed my hand down to his chest. 
"Do you feel weird?"
He groaned softly under my touch, his eyes fluttering closed. 

He was asleep before I stood. It was around 3am and I slowly walked down the hall to the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself before I went back to bed. Truth be told, I couldn't see myself pregnant. I had thought about it over and over again but I still couldn't see it happening. 

Harry had woken when I walked back in.
"Where'd you go?" He mumbled sleepily, opening his arms for me. 
"I had to pee," I laughed, slowly walking to the bed. 

"Why is it so early?" Eleanor groaned as we stood around the coffee shop counter.
The lady behind that counter laughed, "You three are out a little early for new year. You still have 19 hours." 
"You're telling me," Emily laughed, grabbing a tray of coffees. 

There was ice all over the ground as we walked back towards the heart of London. The snow being cleared from the street as we walked. 
"It's so weird how things have turned out, isn't it?" Em mumbled as we avoided the slippery ice in the ground, "I mean, this year has been crazy."
"I know," I laughed, "You got pregnant and had twins with Liam, me and El got married, El got pregnant-" I cut myself off as both girls stopped. 
"What?" Emily squeaked. 
"Yeah," El laughed as Emily started bouncing. 
"I would jump but I might slip and die," She laughed. 
"We are telling the boys today so please don't die," El laughed again. 
"Anyway," I started walking again, "what else happened this year?" 

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