4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


3. Built up Christmas

Jorgie's POV 
"I just see waffles as dessert," I shrugged my shoulders, laughing along with the others, "I mean, you eat them with ice cream. Isn't that dessert?" 
"You eat pancakes with icecream," Perrie added, "Pancakes are still breakfast." 
"Okay, you win," I laughed. 
I looked out the massive back window, the snow bucketing down in the morning light. 

"These are the very few things I know how to cook," Louis laughed as he walked in with a plate of pancakes, placing them in the middle of the table. 
We all dug in, grabbing pancakes, toast and all the other stuff that had been placed on the table.

It hit lunch and it was the same situation, our family growing a little with Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne joining us with their partners. We didn't eat much, just sat around talking. 
"How was the honeymoon?" Jesy nudged me with her shoulder. 
"I seriously could've stayed," I smiled, telling her more about the little cabin, "I mean, it was so quiet, we ran into three fans the whole time." 
"Those are the best places," Jade nodded from the other side of me in the sofa.
"No," Eleanor came into the room, "The best places are where there is absolutely no fans. I mean, I love them, but I'm going to need hearing aids eventually. They are so loud." 
"What are the boys doing?" Emily looked at Perrie. She had Peyton in a little bed thing in front of her while she feed Alexis. 
"They are in Zayn's, well, I don't know what he calls it, but it's a room full of stuff that he has bought that I don't understand. Games and stuff." 
"Louis has one of them," Eleanor laughed. 
"If Harry has one, I don't know where it is," I added. 
"Liam has a Toy Story room. I wish I was joking," Emily laughed, adjusting herself and putting Alexis in a similar bed thing to Peyton.
We all cracked up. 
"Are you four performing on New Year as well?" Eleanor asked after we had controlled our laughing. 
"Yeah," Jesy answered, "We had a meeting the other day about it." 
"So did the boys," Emily nodded. 
"Wait, the boys are performing?" I was so confused. 
"Never rely on Louis," El laughed. 
"Hey," Louis voice came, "I heard that." 
The room became full again, the boys squeezing onto the sofas. 

By the next morning, I didn't think I would be able to eat again. We had three feast the day before and I was still full. Harry was asleep when I woke. I leaned over him and smiled as his lips moved. 
"Merry Christmas babe." 
I leaned my face to his and gave him a soft kiss, "Merry Christmas. Now get up," I laughed pulling him by his hands. 
"So pushy," he smiled, "I love it." 
He pulled pants on and followed me into the living room. 

I felt like a little kid again. Harry and I had put the presents out the night before but I would never lose this feeling on Christmas morning.
We both sat on the floor and picks out gifts for each other to open first. 
"This one first," Harry handed my a tiny box. I almost had a heart attack when Lolly peeked her head from the middle of the tree, having slept within it. 
"What is it?" I asked curiously. 
"Open it," he laughed. 
I ripped at the paper to find a small box still concealing what he had gotten me. 
"Before you do open it," Harry stopped me, "You have to know that it doesn't go to anything yet." 
I was so curious until I opened it. A small silver key was in the box. 
"So what does it go to?" I glanced up at him. 
"The house that we are going to build," he smiled. 
My jaw must've hit the ground. 

"So what did Harry get you?" Eleanor asked over the phone, "I kinda already know but I want you to tell me." 
I laughed, "I can't believe he got me a house. Or the ability to build a house. Or however you want to say it." 
She let out a giggle, "Well I can't tell you what Louis got me yet. You'll have to come over for tea, like right now!" 
I laughed at her abruptness, "I'm sure Harry will be up for a quick tea, just as long as we get back cause I have to go to Liams." 
"Oh my god," she laughed.
"Give me ten minutes," I ended the call. 

"Harry, get dressed. Eleanor has to show me what Louis got her, so we are going for coffee." 
He walked out of the bathroom, already dressed and ready to go. 
I showered and put on the clothes that Harry had gotten me for Christmas, a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans with a patterned shirt. He had learned my taste in clothes. I slide on the heels that he had bought to go with it and applied some make up, ready for the day. I pulled my hair out of the bun that it was in and curled it slightly, making it wavy as usual. 

Eleanor was jumping when we got there. I could see Louis laughing as we walked in. He had the phone to his ear. 
"No mum, we'll tell you when you get here. I'll see you later." 

"Can I tell them now Lou," Eleanor smiled as he made the tea. We were sat at their bench, waiting. 
"Yeah," he smiled turning, "it's kind of big news." 
"We've been waiting for it for a couple of weeks." 
"Oh my god El," my eyes would have widened. 
"Yeah. I'm three weeks in," She practically cheered. 
Harry looked at me and Eleanor as we hugged. I gripped Louis as he stood there smiling. 
"You're having baby," Harry laughed awkwardly. 


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