4. Unpredictable - The Untamed Series

Jorgie and Harry have finally tied the knot so what's next for this worldwide famous couple..


2. Almost Christmas

Emily's POV 
"Liam, can you go to her please?" I yelled through the house from the kitchen as I heard one of the girls crying. 
"Yeah," I heard his footsteps just before another cry erupted from the room. I abandoned the dishes and ran after him. 

Liam was with Peyton when I walked into the room so I averted my attention to Alexis. She was wriggling in her crib, crying for attention. I checked her diaper. Clear. She had just been feed before I had laid them down so she wasn't hungry. Liam had Peyton on the change table and I realised why Alexis was crying. 
"You just want mummy's attention," I laughed, picking her up carefully. Her crying stopped and I smiled. 
"Louis is coming in about ten. Do you wanna take the girls with us, or were you gonna stay?" Liam turned holding a happy and clean Peyton in her arms.
"Is Eleanor going?" 
He nodded.
"I might just come. I need to buy some stuff anyway so we can just go while you are in the meeting. El will help me with the girls. Can you ask Louis to bring the bigger car?" 
He nodded, walking out of the room, carrying Peyton with him. 

"I swear, Peyton never stops crying," I half laughed as Eleanor took control of the pram for me to grab the crying baby, "Alexis only cries if Peyton does, but not all the time." 
We continued down street, window shopping for new clothes. I fixed Peyton pink beanie and placed her back into the pram. The snow began to fall again, making me frown. I loved the cold weather but I was worried about my two girls health. 
"We're back anyway," Eleanor smiled, realising what I was frowning about. 
I laughed, pushing through the double doors. Mike sat up in his seat, smiling at us and pointing us through. I grabbed Alexis and El grabbed Peyton so we could leave the pram near the front entrance.  

"No boys, that's all we need to talk about at the moment. Will someone update Harry when he gets back?" Simon was apparently in a good mood.
"Sure," I heard Louis' voice.
They filed from the room, automatically coming over to where we waited. 
"You all good?" I mumbled to Liam, standing from the chair I sat in. 
"All good," he smiled, taking Alexis out of my arms. 
I smiled as Louis took Peyton from Eleanor and we wandered back to the main lobby like that.

Jorgie's POV 
"We will only be half an hour," Harry laughed as I got dressed, "If you want to stay, you can." 
"I wanna come," I mumbled, getting frustrated with my suitcase because I couldn't find my beanie. 
"Here," Harry grabbed something from his bag and tugged it onto my head, the orange material rolling over my eyes. 
"Thanks," I laughed, following him out of the cottage.

The town was like Harry had described it. Small and old fashioned. Little antique shops lined the road, along with a few little take away and coffee shops. The people were wandering along the street, stopping to talk to the people they passed. 
Harry drove a little further into the town before parking. I saw a young girl stop dead in her tracks and practically hit her two friends, frantically pointing at the Audi. Their jaws dropped and I laughed, stepping out of the car. I think the girls that were watching stopped breathing when they saw Harry. They seemed frozen, like they didn't know what to do. 
"Oh my god!" The blonde one almost screamed. They were no older then 13. 
Harry laughed and wandered over to them, dragging me with him. 
"Harry, can we get a photo please?" "Oh god, Jorgie, you are so pretty in person." "We came to the concert in London last year. Five hours to get there but it was worth it." "I never thought you would come here." They all gushed at once as Harry got photos with all three of them. 
"It was nice meeting you girls," Harry mumbled as we escaped. He wrapped his hand around mine as we went into the grocery store. 

4 days later 
"Tomorrow's Christmas Eve Harry," I smiled, twisting his fingers in my own, "As much as I could stay here, I think we have to get back to reality." 
He rolled his eyes and I couldn't help but laugh. 
"Besides, my family are still here so that we can spend Christmas together." 
He smiled as I tried to make it all logical and pep talk myself to go back home. We didn't have reception so no one knew what was happening. 
"Home," he nodded, "tonight?" 
I leaned my head back into the groove of his shoulder, keeping our hands joined. 
"Sounds good." 

Emily's POV 
"Niall," I walked back into the lounge room, "Do you have the tinsel?" 
He nodded and leaned over into a box, throwing the ball of tinsel at me. 
"Did you get these made Emily?" Louis held up the two baubles before putting them on the tree. Two names were printed on them, matching each other. Jorgie and Harry.
"Yeah," I smiled. Jorgie was a big Christmas person, I knew she would be coming home soon so I figured I should have her and Harry's place decorated. 
"They're asleep," my mum walked from the spare room, "Peyton had to be rocked for a little while but I got there." 
Liam laughed and stood back on the step ladder, Perrie feeding him a string of lights. Zayn and Louis were on tree duty with Eleanor and Niall was helping me with everything else. 

"Holy shit," Louis mumbled, coming through the door, "They're back." He laughed. 
We all bustled around, packing up boxes and adding finishing touches. 

Jorgie's POV 
I saw Niall's car almost instantly, along with Louis'. 
"What are they up to?" Harry looked at me as he pulled into a spot and hopped out of the car. "I'll get the bags later." 
I nodded and followed, pulling my coat around me tighter from the bite in the wind. 
Harry walked behind me as we went through the main lobby. People from the building smiled and waved as we made out way to the elevator. 

The door was unlocked, which I knew it would be because Emily had keys and my mum and dad were staying to feed my cat. I did not expect what I found when I walked in. It was around 8, so the flat was dark. The fairy lights that hung around the walls and over the large tree where my sources of light, brightening the whole room. Everyone was sat around, cups of hot drink in hand, the fireplace warming the whole room. 
I let out an awkward laugh before hugging everyone and thanking them. Niall and Louis went to get the bags from the car. I was almost forced to sit between Emily and Perrie and tell them every detail of the cabin and what I had been doing for the past week. Harry had gone to shower and the others sat on the rug around the fire as we talked. 

"Your bath has been run," Harry smiled as I stood, taking my seat in the lounge. His hair was damp from his shower, the curls turning dramatic. I leaned over and kissed him before making my way to the bathroom.

Harry's POV 
"I didn't realise it was frozen," I laughed, turning as Perrie raised her eyebrow. 
"How? It was a lake?" 
Zayn almost spat out his tea in laughter. 
"No, but I didn't see that it was part of the lake. And besides, I only broke one of my little toes, it's not a serious injury." 
"Apparently you carried on like it was," Emily laughed, throwing a marshmallow into her mouth. 
A cry erupted through the flat, followed by another from a different mouth. 
"I swear, they could have been attached to each other," Emily mumbled, pulling herself off of the lounge, helping Liam up as she walked. We all laughed as she mumbled something about twins. 

"So Harry, what next?" Lou threw himself onto the floor next to El. 
"What do you mean?" I had an idea. 
"Well, you've conquered the world, found love, got married. What next?" 
"What's it for you?" I turned it on him. 
"Easy. Kids," he smiled, "Something I've always wanted." 
"Really?" Emily laughed, coming back into the room with a baby in hand. 
"Not that bad," Liam laughed, the other baby in his hand. 
"Can I?" I wiggled my fingers and stretched my arms out as Emily put the baby in my hold. "Which one is she?" 
Liam laughed, "That's Peyton, the cryer. We realised that whenever Peyton cries, Alexis copies." 
"How do you tell them apart?" 
"Colours," Emily smiled, tugging the little pink blanket Peyton had wrapped around her. Liam's little bundle was wrapped in a peachy orange colour. "We try to colour coordinate everything." 
"You are literally the lamest person I know," Jorgie laughed from behind my head. She leaned over my head and played with the little babies hand.

"So tomorrow, what's happening?" Jorgie sat near my leg, being as gentle as she could due to Peyton's position in my arms.  
"Christmas Eve?" Perrie raised her eyebrows and looked at Eleanor.
"Well, we done this tonight so we are going to do breakfast at ours, that's about all that Louis can make, so that's at 8am, then at 12, it's lunch at Zayn's and Perrie's, and Dinner at 7 at Emily's and Liam's. It's our family Christmas," She smiled, clearly pleased with herself. 
Jorgie looked at Emily.
"Friday is dinner at ours. Our place fits everyone and it's a little too small here." 
"Sounds perfect," I smiled, averting my attention back to the little baby in my arms.
"I'm totally going to be their favourite Uncle," I muttered. 
Louis went to object but I cut him off, "Do not claim my title. I'm technically their biological Uncle." 
"By Marriage," Jorgie laughed. 
"Don't you take my title either," I laughed, nudging her with my knee. 
Peyton's eyes drifted close as she laid in my arms.
"I've found what's next Lou," I smiled, nodding at him. 

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