Good Intentions

Draco Malfoy is misunderstood and his attitude is second nature to him. He was raised to believe in blood purity, wealth and power. He’s a confused youth being influenced by his fathers past and current deeds but his best friend (and secret love) brings out the best in him and helps to keep him in line. But what happens when Draco is soon forced to let her go?


9. The Vanishing Cabinet

Draco made a quick stop to the Slytherin Common room and left Arabella's book on the table in the middle of the room as she was sure to see it there. Draco then hurried back out and wandered the corridors until he found the right spot. He closed his eyes as he stood before one of the plain castle walls, keeping his eyes shut as he concentrated before slowly opening then, smiling a little as he saw the huge, brown wooden doors. Draco stepped forwards, pushing one door open slightly and slipping inside, sighing as the door closed heavily behind him. He then began walking through the Room of Requirement and over to a large object that was covered by an old patterned blanket. He gingerly reached out a shaking hand, touching the blanket gently before ripping it from the object it was hiding. The Vanishing Cabinet. On the night Draco would have to perform his main task, his Aunt and fellow Death Eaters would enter the castle through the cabinet. Draco trailed his fingers along some of the old markings on the dark oak door before opening it. .He then pulled a light green apple from his pocket and placed it into the cabinet. closing the door quickly before pulling out his wand and pointing it at the cabinet.

"Harmonia nictere passus." Draco muttered, his eyes closed to help his concentration. "Harmonia nictere passus." He repeated again before slowly opening his eyes and opening the cabinet door.

Draco smiled slightly as his eyes searched for the apple but the cabinet was now empty. He sighed, so far, so good. He then closed the cabinet door, closed his eyes and pointed his wand back towards the cabinet. "Harmonia nictere passus." Draco whispered again. He then quickly opened his eyes and swung open the cabinet door. The apple had now reappeared inside the cabinet. Draco reached inside and picked up the apple to examined it, he then turned the apple with his fingers, only to reveal a big, fresh bite that had been taken out of the apple. A smirk and look of relief spread across Draco's face.

It had worked.

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